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Sisters are doing it for themselves

‘It Girls’ Solenn, Georgina, Isabelle, and Liz take on new reality show



Hashtags #goals, #squadgoals, #relationshipgoals are some of the commonly used terms in the comments section of the social media accounts of close friends Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff, Isabelle Daza and Liz Uy. Being the “It Girls” all so admired and idolized, is that really any wonder?

From left: Raymond Gutierrez, Liz Uy, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff andScott Mackenzie (

From left: Raymond Gutierrez, Liz Uy, Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff andScott Mackenzie

The four now up the ante by taking on a reality show called (what else?) “!T Girls” on the E! Channel, where they give a glimpse of their personal lives and exciting jobs as celebrities.

“We see them on social media and you think you know everything about them but there are actually so many layers to them than their IG feeds and Snapchat and what they share online. You’ll see them on their down time, not fully-made up and them interacting with each other that you don’t see online,” said “!T Girls” director Raymond Gutierrez.

‘Time seemed right’

Aside from their massive influence on their followers, the show came about because they are all friends in real life. Executive producer Scott Mackenzie met the four girls and found them fun and interesting.

“The idea just sort of came together and the time seemed right. These four ladies were so difficult to put all together but they really made the time and made it happen and we have a great show overall. I think we were very familiar with Georgina and her work and also Liz as a great celebrity stylist. I was really pleased when I met Solenn and Belle for the first time and they are very fun, of course. The chemistry of these four together and as a producer, I have an idea that it’s going to work for the network,” Scott said.

While all of them are public personalities, they did not immediately accept the show because they wanted to still keep their privacy.

“We want to sort of put a space in between what we have in show business and our personal lives. We all agreed to do this because we all know it’s gonna be fun. It’s working together. It’s not something that’s going to be so stressful,” Belle said.

Of the four, Liz is more used to being behind-the-scene as a stylist.

“I do shoots once in awhile but not like them who are always in front of the camera,” she said. “So, that’s my only concern, how I don’t want to share my personal life (publicly).”

Up ahead

Among the stories to be shown on “!T Girls” are Belle’s wedding in Tuscany, Georgina’s baby gender reveal, Solenn’s married life and Liz’s search for love. Their husbands Nico Bolzico, Adrien Semblat and Arthur Burnand; and Solenn’s brother Erwan and Belle’s mother Gloria Diaz will also make an appearance on the show.

“The girls were really fantastic in opening their lives like that and you see some of the interactions between them and their husbands, in a way, that I was pleasantly surprised because it’s so real. You see the sweet, good months and you also see the arguments,” Scott shared.

A month since tying the knot, Belle said everything has been “good” despite some adjustments they have to make.

“We’re kind of one. So everything that we do, we do as a team now. Like if I’m gonna travel, he’ll be like ‘What about me?’ and I have to think of him,” she said.

Belle won’t be doing a teleserye this year as she will focus more on the reality show and her upcoming business.

“I’m kind of taking a break from the teleserye life but I’m focusing on other things, like the ‘!T Girls’ show and also the company that we’re publicly listing, hopefully, this December. I’m learning more about that being a digital entrepreneur,” she shared.

While people have always been calling them the “It Girls,” Raymond shared there was a “bit of discomfort” for them over it at first though they have learned to accept it.

“It’s not such a negative thing but actually a positive thing. If you look at other ‘It Girls’ they call around the world, like Alexa Chung, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, I think it’s a good thing that people are genuinely interested with your life,” Raymond said.

No pressure

It might add a bit of a pressure to be called an “It Girl” but the four think otherwise. They remain true to themselves instead of being conscious about the tag.

“We don’t put pressure on ourselves to be somebody that we are not. We don’t wake up everyday thinking ‘How to be it, how do it girls dress up.’ We’re just so blessed that people are interested (in us),” Belle said.

Liza added, “It’s also good that we are all genuine and we love everything that we do. We don’t pretend to be something that we’re not.”

Asked how to be an “It Girl,” Solenn said, “Hang out with people that inspire you and keep reinventing yourself.”

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