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Just being sensible




Established Performer (EP) has been helping younger artists by collaborating with them via songs, concerts, and other projects.

As such, it was no surprise to many when EP tapped Troubled Talent (TT) for a gig. That TT’s projects always bombed at the tills didn’t faze EP who just laughed off warnings by well-meaning colleagues. It was only when EP realized tickets were not moving as fast as expected that panic set in.

The big day came and the project flopped. EP laid the blame on TT. EP has since vowed to stay away from collaborating with TT in the future.

  • • •

Big fib

When Active Actor (AA) saw Young Celebrity (YC), he fell in love immediately, this, even though YC was ahead of him terms of acting abilities, fan base, and network priority. In contrast, AA could only boast of having a familiar name. In short, AA still has much to prove.

Given that YC was already paired with Cute Personality (CP), she and AA had to hide away their true feelings for each other. However, people from the network knew more than the two would allow.

Then came the time AA wanted more than just a hug and kiss from YC. But YC refused to give in, saying she’s, well, immaculate.

One day, however, to AA’s surprise, YC agreed to spend the night with him. He was shocked to learn YC is far from being an angel.

And just like that, AA dumped YC shortly after.

  • • •

Exaggerated quest

Sometime ago, Versatile Performer (VP) and Talented Celebrity (TC) tried to imply something beautiful was happening between them. Soon, their togetherness became the subject of rumors and given that they were often seen with each other, people assumed they were officially an item.

Since making the revelation, their social media accounts have had photos showing their sweetness. On special occasions, such as birthdays of family members, VP and TC would be photographed together. The couple would even grant interviews together, and go with the flow. Thus, their fans now hope they would end up with each other.

If VP would have her say, she would readily march down the aisle with TC. However, for TC, all is but a convenient arrangement that enables him to hide the fact he is into men.

Allegedly, VP knows about this but she thinks she can make a man out of TC yet. Good luck.


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