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Minzy on her own



Minzy, former member of K-pop group 2NE1, will finally release her solo debut album.

Minzy (Instagram ) /mb.com.ph

Minzy (Instagram )

Her first mini-album “Minzy Work 01 Uno” will be out by April 17, a year after she left 2NE1 to pursue a solo career, and signing up with record label Music Works.

The album will contain five to six songs including the title track that features Korean-American rapper Flowsik, former member of Aziatix who became a contestant on the Korean rap contest TV show “Show Me The Money 5” last year. It will also include collaborations with singers Park Jae-min and Jay Park.

Minzy is currently a regular cast member of the TV show “Sister’s Slam Dunk.”

Fans were shocked when YG Entertainment announced on April 5 last year that Minzy decided to leave 2NE1.

Before 2NE1’s contracts expired on May 5 last year, the agency had talks with the members about a renewal.

“However, unfortunately, Minzy did not agree on that,” said YG Entertainment then. In November last year, 2NE1 was eventually disbanded.

Recently, Dara clarified that there is no bad blood between her, CL and Bom, and Minzy.

“I might not call it misunderstanding. Actually, nothing has changed that much. Some news articles have described it as misunderstanding, but we actually don’t feel much change in the relationship between us,” she said, according to the YG Life blog.

She said, “’I have loved a Japanese movie titled ‘The Song Of The Sun,’ Minzy told me. ‘The film feels like ‘The Song Of The Sun’ that you like, it goes well with you.’ I felt once again that the other 2NE1 members are the ones who know best about me.”

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  • A Marco Cota

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am not bashing Minzy but I was and am greatly disappointed in her. 2NE1 was a group for the fans, not just one persons decision and to me for the member to leave due to her self interest after getting us so involved is very selfish. I wont watch or listen to Minzy again.

    • casualsuede

      No artist is OWNED by the fans.

      Artists create art to be appreciated by the fans.

      Your comments are very childish and extremely self centered.

      • A Marco Cota

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At least I do not act like you, attacking people. You are most likely a child American.

        • casualsuede

          No, what a spoiled child does is whine while screaming “mine! Mine! Mine!” Which is what your post sounds like.

          • A Marco Cota

            I guess you Americans dont have to go to Iraqq, Afghanistan, or Syria to be hostile, your all brought up to attack people like savages

    • Kodes89

      You have the right to your opinion and so do I. So, here is my 2 cents. It’s not like Minzy left in the middle of something. She left once her contract ended. The other members were given opportunities to pursue their own self interests, except for Minzy. To me, asking Minzy to just sit there quietly with no 2ne1 promotions for years while the other members get work is selfish in itself when all she wants to do is work too. So, once her contract ended and there was no sign of 2ne1 or herself as solo getting promotions any time soon, she decided not to renew with the company. I think if at least 2ne1 was going to comeback, then she would have stayed (and I don’t mean that supposed comeback YG announced when she left, but something actually legit).

      • A Marco Cota

        Your info is not exactly correct. Minzy had a contract renewal placed in front of her, she refused it. Bommie, Dara and CL all signed it. This was the beginning of the breakup and persuaded CL to go strongly forward in USA. All four were given the renewal opportunity, all signed except Minzy. This then caused other reasons to dissolve the group. Minzy is truly the cause of this unprecedented betrayal.

        • Kodes89

          I’m pretty sure I said that she chose not to renew. What exactly was not correct? Lol. Let’s be real. A lot of people were mumbling that 2ne1 were going to disband ever since Bom’s scandal 2 years prior to Minzy leaving. Dara focused on acting and CL left to America long before Minzy left.

          YG said they would continue as three after she left. If they really planned to continue as three, then Minzy leaving should have no effect on the later disbandment. The only cause of 2ne1’s disbandment is YG tbh.

          • A Marco Cota

            That is your opinion. Good