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Dwayne Johnson for President in 2020?



Los Angeles – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for president for 2020?

Would you vote for him, we asked Zac Efron, who’s co-starring with the 45-year-old former professional wrestler-turned-actor in the upcoming action-comedy “Baywatch.”

The former said, “I’d want to know a little bit more about his policies. But I could tell you as a person, there’s nobody more honest. He’ll tell it to you straight. He’s cool. He loves learning new things. He’s a very fun guy to be around. He’s very enigmatic. He’s capable of doing anything and everything. So anything he puts his mind to he can accomplish. I could definitely see him being a candidate.”

Dwayne and Zac Efron in ‘Baywatch’

Dwayne and Zac Efron in ‘Baywatch’

Told about Zac’s answer, Dwayne said, “Smart answer.”

Dwayne earlier told a GQ magazine interview that running for president “was a possibility.” In our interview, he explained to us his ideas if he were to enter the political arena.

“If that were ever to happen, I am a fairly quick study and I would do my best to learn as much about policy as much as I could, certainly a lot more than I know today.

“Since the GQ article came out, the talk of me ever running for President started about a year and a half, two years ago, as their campaigns were kicking off for the Presidential election. Since the GQ article came out, unintentionally for us, I was talking with Caity  Weaver, who is a tremendous writer and I thought the profile was so witty and so well written. I was just being open and I said yes sure, I would consider that.

Dwayne and Kelly Rohrbach in ‘Baywatch’

Dwayne and Kelly Rohrbach in ‘Baywatch’

“The groundswell of that that has happened since then has been – and I don’t get overwhelmed a lot these days – it was incredibly overwhelming. Not only was it overwhelming, but it was extremely flattering too.

“So, I will tell you that I feel like the thing that is happening now and this real groundswell is reflective of a large part of America wanting to see a better leadership and greater poise from our leaders, less noise. I know by 10 o’clock at night I am tired of the noise of the news that’s happening, because it’s very noisy these days, so I think it’s reflective of that.

“The B-side to that then is because again, over the years, I have been in the public eye for a very long time now. And over the years, I have become a guy who people can relate to, get up, work hard every day and try and find solutions to any problems that may come up and also as I was saying, I am in the business of taking care of people. All of those elements led to this groundswell. It’s very flattering.

“To answer your question about policy, when the time comes – if the time comes – I will be as prepared as I possibly could and surround myself with really bright hungry minds.”

Dwayne Johnson (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

Dwayne Johnson (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

Family guy

Despite his busy schedule with movies and television (“Ballers”), Dwayne finds time to relax with his family.

Father to 16-year-old Simone Alexander with former wife Dany Garcia and 17-month-old Jasmine with companion Lauren Hashian (daughter of drummer Sib Hashian), Dwayne disclosed, “After ‘Fast and Furious’ came out and we wrapped ‘Ballers’ I had a week at the farm, and that is really all I need. I would need more time if I didn’t have my family with me. So I keep my family with me all the time. I create that kind of environment that from the set, regardless of where I am at, whether we are in Atlanta or Australia.

“Wherever that is, when I come home from the set, I come home to a home. I come home to a home, a running home, a working home with family, noise, babies running around, baby toys everywhere, animals, dogs, that kind of thing. So it never feels like oh I am away from everybody. So that really helps. As long as I have the core of family there, then I am able to do all of these things.”

So is he a hands-on dad and how does it feel to be a new dad again, we asked. “It’s the best!” he exclaimed. “She’s great and she is 17 months old and she continues to, that’s what kids do as you know, they continue to make you better and remind you of how you really don’t know as much as you think you know and you have got to continue to just be better. But, she is phenomenal.”

As for participating in the diaper changing and all that fun stuff, Dwayne said, “Are you kidding me? Everything. I am in it. Yes. Diaper changing, that’s my thing. That’s my jam. Yes. The trick is, she is 17 months old, so the trick now is to just get her to stay still, because she doesn’t want to do that. So I have mastered the art of changing the diaper as she is standing up and she is laying down, it’s a lot of fun.”

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