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Anthony Bova imparts knowledge in acting to GMA artists



New York-based professional acting teacher Anthony Vincent Bova conducted a three-day workshop for GMA Artist Center stars in Manila recently.

Anthony Vincent Bova (

Anthony Vincent Bova

The workshop was facilitated by Laurice Guillen Actors Studio and GMA Artist Center to promote and establish higher acting standards for GMA artists.

Among the 46 young Kapuso actors who participated in the session were Gil Cuerva, Joyce Ching and Mikee Quintos.

Anthony has been teaching acting for 20 years now. Prior, he was a theater actor. He was part of the 2002 American drama film “The Emperor’s Club.”

He is honored to have taken some of the country’s biggest stars under his wing.

“I believe the workshop will make it easier for them to portray different characters they will be working on,” he said.

His workshop, dubbed the Bova Acting Workshop (BAW), is all about getting to the “truth.”

“Truth is universal, so what I do is make the participants as truthful as possible to themselves and hope it would reflect in terms of their characterization,” he explained.


Anthony’s workshop focuses on an area usually ignored in other acting training: The actor’s instrument.

“To us, the actor’s instrument not only includes their physical, vocal, emotional and psychological state, but also their humanity – which is their life and experience. We educate the actor to work with their whole instrument by teaching them approaches and techniques to be aware of, learn from, to liberate and express their humanity, their experience of life.

Throwback. Eric Morris with the actors who attended his acting workshop in 1987 (

Throwback. Eric Morris with the actors who attended his acting workshop in 1987

“We have the irreverent technique that represents the craft aspect of our work focusing on training the actor with a wide set of tools for the actor to fulfill the character obligations with a high level of irreverence. The reliable technique represents everything we do at BAW. We teach an actor a process they can depend on eight-times a week, on every take and on every audition,” he explained.


Anthony also makes used of the Eric Morris System. It was developed by his mentor, Eric Morris, actor-author of “The Diary Of A Professional Experiencer.”

Eric personally introduced the system to Anthony, urging him to use it in his workshops.

The system is considered to be more personal and intimidating than usual as it requires actors to face their inner fears and weaknesses through deep immersion activities lasting for as much as 12 hours.


Being in the Philippines is quite fortuitous for Anthony relating how Eric himself conducted a three-day workshop here 30 years ago.

“In 1985, Laurice Guillen met Eric. She brought him to Manila in 1987 to give a workshop at the Manila Film Center,” he recalled.

Almost the same thing happened to him, but this time involving Laurice’s daughter Anna Feleo.

“In 2015, Anna met me in New York. She brought me here for this workshop.”

During the interview, Anthony presented to us newspaper clippings from 1987 mentioning Eric’s visit.

That time, Eric worked with the likes of Johnny Delgado, Michael de Mesa and Leo Martinez, among many others.

Anthony shared how Eric reacted when he told him about his Manila trip.

He related, “Eric was like, ‘Laurice! Oh, and Johnny Delgado, I miss them so much.’”

Just like Eric, Anthony hopes the actors who trained under him will be “empowered on a new level with new tools and techniques to really help them on their work with GMA.” (With report from Jojo P. Panaligan)With report from Jojo P. Panaligan

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