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State of the (He)art

'Your home or the way you fix your things represents who you are. A lot of people think everything has to match or everything has to have a certain look but it’s really the way you put things together that makes it look authentic.



Heart Evangelista will soon launch both clutch line and home line, particularly her own hand-painted designer bags and plates.

Heart Evangelista (Photos from Instagram) /

Heart Evangelista (Photos from Instagram)

“I’m not rushing naman, hopefully by next year I’ll come out with it na,” she told Bulletin Entertainment.

The 33-year-old actress and artist did not divulge more details, save to say it will be “so nice.”

The business is an online store meaning orders and inquiries can be made through the official website under the name “Love Marie.”

Isn’t she spreading herself too thin with all her activities?

“No naman,” she said. “I love what I’m doing. I’m workaholic so I don’t really get tired in what I do, I live for what I do.”

At the very least, it’s therapeutic for her, she added.


Heart is in the thick of furnishing her own home with husband, Sen. Chiz Escudero.

The spacious place is slowly being filled with simple yet elegant pieces as Heart prefers “clean and fresh” looking interiors.

“For me kasi when you build the house or you design your home, you don’t buy the furniture all at the same time. You accumulate it through time – when you travel, when you see something in a store then you buy it,” she said. “It slowly comes together so for me, pagdating sa bahay, hindi mo siya sobrang pinaplano.”

Heart divulged she’s sentimental when it comes to her stuff as she wants things to have meaning and memory.

“Kasi the goal isn’t to fill up the house with all the furniture all at once,” she explained. “I think it’s a journey, like when you travel you find a nice piece and you bring it home.”

It is the reason she loves the clean slate of any new house.

“It should be getting memories from different places that you’ve been to and like putting it all together.”


She’s always loved decorating. Even before, Heart would regularly re-arrange the furnishings in their house.
Do brand names matter to her?

“Actually hindi naman kasi a lot of my stuff at home are actually from my dad’s house. I was able to get a lot of stuff from my dad kasi,” she said.

Heart works on designer bag (

Heart works on designer bag

Okay, she lays it down straight: Heart likes both high-end and low-end merchandise.

“Basically kasi I work with what I already have, it’s really just putting things together.”

Heart thinks her style reflects her personality, sharing that she usually mixes the old and new stuff she has.

“Your home or the way you fix your things represents who you are. A lot of people think everything has to match or everything has to have a certain look but it’s really the way you put things together that makes it look authentic.
The more authentic, the more homey it becomes. So just express yourself because how you fix your home is actually also art. It’s an outlet for you,” she enthused.

Although Heart is partial to white and everything timeless and clean, she also wants a burst or a splash of color or some accent in a piece of furniture.

On the other hand, just like her love for arts, she also enjoys gardening. She related how she usually covers their walls with really nice plants.

“I like everything green kasi it’s very homey and relaxing,” she said.

Recently, Heart, as special guest, joined Raab Bustamante in a Terrarium Workshop presented by Ethan Allen. Though it was her first time to do such things, she enjoyed the activity.

“I really love it. I think now that it’s almost Christmas, it’s actually a really nice Christmas gift idea.”


Heart looks foward to having a baby by 2018.

“I’m really gonna stop first telenovelas and maybe finish one movie and then I’m gonna really like to do my home line, clutch line, paint and that’s it, I’m gonna try to have a baby na,” she shared.

“If it happens it happens but really I think I may make it like a priority this time around.”

She divulged that she is okay with whatever gender the baby will have. Heart plans to have only one child.

“Eh kasi tatlo na sila (Chiz and his two children from previous marriage) sa bahay,” she explained. “I wanna be very smart about things and I wanna make sure I give them a good life so I really wanna plan it.”

But doesn’t she feel pressured over her husband’s job?

“No naman, I guess we’re so different at home. We’re normal people so we don’t talk much about (it). ’Di nga niya alam kung nasaan ako ngayon eh. I guess we’re very modern in a way na hindi namin pinapakialam masyado ’yung schedule ng bawat isa basta ‘I’ll see you later,’” she shared.

Heart noted they trust each other and jealousy is not a problem to them.

Heart in action (

Heart in action

“I’m actually flattered when people say that he’s good looking or when people admire him because sobrang crush ko kasi siya nu’ng 2007 pa lang. So nu’ng napangasawa ko na siya parang when people admire him I know the feeling, I get flattered for him,” she said.


Do you know Heart has a soft spot for cats and dogs?

She is known to pluck stray ones from the streets. The actress brings them home to find people who would love and keep them.

Heart recently posted a photo of a puppy she named Aspin and it just stole the, well, hearts of Netizens.

Her post read: “Just look at her feeling all snuggly in this bed weather! Looking for good parents to #adopt this little#Aspin. She needs to stay indoors, have her own bed and get cuddle time. She’s really special and turning out to be the sweetest. Please let me know if you’re her angel parents…”

Indeed, the star of “My Korean Jagiya” is beautiful inside out. Little wonder she made it effortlessly into TingTing Cojuangco’s list of The Elegant Filipinas.

“Blessed and grateful to be part of this year’s TingTing’s List: The Elegant Filipinas for the benefit of the Center for Possibilities Foundation for special children. Tonight’s highlight is the sale of art pieces rendered by children with autism – something very close to my heart. Let’s all encourage the artistic potential of kids, especially of these special children. #theelegantfilipinas2017,” Heart’s post read. (With report from Jojo P. Panaligan)

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