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Regine Velasquez gets vocal coach for the first time

'What I like about my voice now is, it’s fuller, it’s rounder and parang mas may texture siya, I guess. Kaya lang I still have to get used to it.'



It may be hard to believe coming from one of the finest OPM singers ever that she is now taking voice lessons but that’s what Regine Velasquez has been doing lately.

Regine Velasquez (

Regine Velasquez

At a press conference for her upcoming major concert, the songbird said she is “re-learning” to sing under Anne Quintos of premier vocal group The CompanY.

“Para lang ma-prepare ko ’yung (boses ko),” she said. “Kasi hindi rin ako kumakanta lagi, (at) para ma-prepare ko ’yung sarili ko and mga songs.”

She initially found it “weird” undergoing training all over again. For ever so long, and till the day he passed away, her mentor had always just been her father, Mang Gerry.

“It’s weird because in my head, this is very easy for me to do. But physically, hindi na siya gano’n.” Regine remarked.

“We all change eh, ’di ba? Physically, we don’t have a choice. So I guess I will have to work on what I have now (vocal-wise) and get used to it. And I have a lot of people helping me go through this process.”

Later, in a one-on-one interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Regine was straightforward in stating, “I’m older. Obviously I sound different. I don’t anymore sound like (I did) 20 years back. And I will never sound like that again.”

Then again, Regine did have some good things to say about her voice and sound these days.

“What I like about my voice now is, it’s fuller, it’s rounder and parang mas may texture siya, I guess. Kaya lang I still have to get used to it. Kasi I’m not used to me sounding this way. But when I was listening to it, I liked it.”

Well, Regine still sounds powerful, that’s for sure. This is evidenced by the one-two combo songs she recently released. While her cover of Up Dharma Down’s “Tadhana” was a more nuanced affair, the new song “Hugot” features some powerful highlights. Both are from her upcoming triple-album release featuring originals, some cover songs, and a revisiting of her most popular hits.

Regine’s album and concert are in line with the celebration of her 30 years in show business.

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  • Victorino Villaflor

    Better late than never? Ms. Regine Velasquez should have known much earlier that it is not good to use her throat to reach high notes all the time. This is one of the very bad habits of todays so called “diva’s” who follow the Regine style of shouting too much when they want to reach high notes. They should reinvent themselves to know that there are vocal techniques in order to produce the best sound from your posture, diaphragm/stomach, mouth, nose and head. There should also be acceptance that an alto can never achieve the voice of a soprano, vice-versa. In short stop comparing your voice with others or copy the voice of others because it is impossible to do.

    • George C

      Correct Victorino. She learnt this abit too late. What is sad, she became the standard of the younger generation of singers. All of them shout and scream…”birit” they call it. But there is no emotion involved than shouting.

    • Raven

      you are saying that regine uses her throat to resonate? thats not what mr. C said about her technique. yung mga followers nya ang sumisigaw bec. they try to imitate regine , although they dont have the talent or the good technique to reach those high notes. Regine voice is not damage, it is the Acid Refluc that causes her voice sounding different now.

      • Victorino Villaflor

        Sorry to contradict you again but Regine Velasquez sounds the same when she started her career until today. Acid reflux has nothing to do with voice. It will be better if you will make her age is getting better of her.

  • Paul Parenas

    30 years in show business, (and I assumed singing too). After all those years, you realized you need a voice lesson. Total waste of money! Filipinos were buying your album then. It means they like your mediocre voice. Don’t change the formula! It might not work this time…..

    • George C

      Paul, it has nothing to do with that. Even the best of the best, not just in music, still need to learn. It is when one stops learning and re-inventing themselves that they fail. If this is your attitude, you are bound to fail. Just saying…

      • Paul Parenas

        Totally agree with you George! One stops learning when one becomes senile, or becomes permanently horizontal. Which ever comes first……..

  • Ramco Marktrosov

    You are already a master, what you need is newly composed songs not a vocal coach.