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TV5, ESPN join hands for the win



Chief Executive Officer of TV5 Network and president of Media5 Chot Reyes said their collaboration with ESPN means “3000 hours of exclusive content per year” for viewers of ESPN5 (formerly Sports5).

Chot Reyes (

Chot Reyes

“These contents you can not see anywhere – not even on cable – but on TV5,” he told Bulletin Entertainment.

The US-based global cable and satellite sports television channel has licensed TV5 programming from its portfolio of sports rights, original programming and studio programs.

Chot aims to make ESPN5 the number one provider of sports content.

As for TV5, he cleared it still has News5 and Digital5.

Exciting shows

What kind of shows are on ESPN5?

“We started already two weeks ago with ‘NFL (National Football League),’ you know you cannot watch the ‘NFL’ anywhere in the country. Not online, not on digital, not on cable. No where expect on TV5,” he cited at the time of interview.

And that’s only the start. By December, Chot said they will launch the local version of “SportsCenter,” a daily 30-minute show.

In the near future, TV5 will present different league and sports show like “US College Basketball” and “X Games.”

Chot added that the auto racing series “The F1 Show” is returning to its original TV home, ESPN.

“Even (when it comes to the) NBA, we don’t have the rights for NBA in free to air (TV). But on digital, we have ESPN as reporter in every NBA locker room,” Chot proudly said. “So we get all the chismis, the pre-game, the halftime post-game analysis – we got all of those things.”


All these improvements and upgrades are part of their game plan to break even and make profit in 2019.

“We (TV5) are basically cut to the bone,” he admitted. “So we need to look for hot things, be more efficient, think to do things differently. Kaya nga malaking bagay ’yung ESPN.”

He explained that he needs to make sure to “stop the bleeding” then take it from there.

Chot with some of the executives (

Chot with some of the executives

“A lot of people are asking me ‘Anong strategy?’ Sabi ko ang number one priority is to stop the bleeding then we can think of the future,” he said. “We cannot embark on any long term or mid-term strategy while we are bleeding.”

How is he doing? Winning?

“We are making progress,” Chot said. “But the real proof of success is to get a break even and eventually a profitable position. Right now we are not there.”

He explained the only measure of success he will accept is profits-based.

“It has to be the bottom line, we’re a business. I think any business has to get a sustainable profit,” he divulged. “For us a break even is already a profitable. That’s a huge profit, that’s already a success. A picture of success.”

Trying his best

“When I was coaching, I’ve always been known as ‘turn around’ coach. I’ve come to losing teams and had the ability to turn them around and I pride myself in that. So that’s the personal drive of mine here too,” he said.

“I hope I could do the same in here in three years time, in 2019.”

As CEO, he needs to make sure their revenue is higher than their cost.

But do they need to re-organize their company again to achieve that?

“There’s nothing off the table, anything is possible,” he said. “But I cannot say exactly what it is now or what’s actually going to happen as there are a lot of things happening.”

Chot said that from the 1,300 to 1,400 employees he has had in the past three years, he now has less than 700 workers.

It’s make or break. Sink or swim. Do or die. What if, knock on wood, things…

“(Then I’ll) retire. Enjoy life. Spend life doing the things I love. Travel,” he said.

And if he succeeds?

“Retire. Enjoy life,” he repeated, laughing. (With report from Jojo P. Panaligan)

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