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In response to the Alessandra de Rossi-starrer ‘12’



Last Wednesday, the movie “12” starring Alessandra de Rossi and Ivan Padilla came out in cinemas. It was written by the de Rossi herself with movie trailer gone viral. In the movie, the award-winning actress stated 12 reasons couples separate.

Alessandra De Rossi

Alessandra de Rossi

Today I will focus on the opposite of that because not all couples are doomed for breakup. Since I recently celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary with my husband Emil Buencamino, let me give you 12 pieces of advice for couples to stay in love.

1. May forever kung masipag ka. The saying “walang forever” only applies to couples who are not willing to work on their marriage. When there is a problem, do not allow it to simmer. Talk about it before you go to bed. If the problem cannot be resolved overnight, work on it. Do not sweep it under the carpet.

2. Make time for each other. The word busy only happens when you allow it. Setting time for each other is still a choice.

3.  Laugh with each other, even if it is the corniest joke, laugh. The effort your partner makes to make you happy is enough.

4. Cry with each other. Make your partner your best friend, a shoulder to cry on. Someone you can open up to. Do not choose another person of the opposite sex to be your best friend. Choose your partner.

THE AUTHOR with husband Emil Buencamino

THE AUTHOR with husband Emil Buencamino

5. Dream with each other. It helps when your partner knows the desires of your heart and the status of where you are right now in your ambitions and goals. If the dream is far from being reached, your partner can give encouragement.

6. Always set a sexy time at least once a week. Ladies do not be embarrassed to plan your sexy time with your husbands. Do this before someone else plans a sexy time with your husband.

7. Love yourself. You cannot love others if you cannot love yourself. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Have a haircut. Dress up. Take a bath.

8. Physical contact is very important. Without physical contact, you will just end up as best friends and not lovers anymore.

9. Pride is the root of all evil. The reason you cannot forgive is because you love yourself too much. If you really love your partner and are willing to work on your marriage, you will have to learn to let go, let God, move forward.

10. Talk to each other. Communication is very important. Tell stories, books you’ve read, people you met. Without communication, you might as well just be strangers. And do it personally. Texts and e-mails are okay but a face to face conversation beats all bonding moments.

11.  Go on vacation with each other. Date each other to different places. Another place, another atmosphere helps build love and memories.

12. Pray with each other. God should be your third party. God can help unlock the healing of a hurting heart, a hard habit to break, an annoying attitude, a dying relationship. The only key is faith.

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