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Chris Tiu: From court to home



Chris Tiu is known as a good basketball player but his female fans also think he is a heartthrob, even calling him MVP or Most Valuable Papa.

Chris Tiu (

Chris Tiu

Married to Clarisse Ong, they have a year-old daughter, Amanda Claire, and another on the way.

Speaking to Bulletin Entertainment recently, Chris revealed how fatherhood changed his life in so many ways. He related that no championship or accomplishment can compare to the joy it brings.

“All the decisions we make when it comes to career, to planning, investments… We always take into consideration na I’m a father, I have a kid,” he said.

Gone are the Friday hangout nights with friends, reiterating he spends most of his time with his family.

As husband, Chris believes making decisions are not solely his but it’s collaborative.

“Be it sa maliit o malaking bagay, it’s always a joint-decision between my wife and I. At next time, kasama na ’yung mga daughters ko.”

Unlike some dads, Chris does not pressure himself to have a son. He has no problem with having daughters as “super malambing ang mga anak na babae.”

“Ako naman, whatever God gives us… as long as the baby is healthy and okay,” he disclosed. “It’s a blessing to be given a child ’di ba? Parang what more can I ask for. So babae o lalaki, masaya kami.”

The cager said he will encourage his daughters to get into sports, be it basketball or volleyball.

He believes there are many good values that can be developed through sports.

“Definitely it is about character eh. I believe sports is something that everybody should pursue given the opportunity. So yeah, pwede din naman mag-basketball ang mga girls, why not ’di ba? he said, smiling.

Bye court

Bad news for basketball aficionados: Chris is ready to hang up his sneakers for good.

The Rain or Shine star has been playing with Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) for five years now and he admitted he is “a bit mentally tired” about it.

“May halong pagod na din. Change priority din I guess,” he revealed. “8 years na rin akong naglalaro professionally, maybe I’m tired because I’m doing the same thing again and again. And sometimes there are challenges that are beyond my control din.”

Talking of how his team has not churned out large numbers of championship trophy in the past few seasons of PBA, Chris believes losing is always part of the game.

“Ganu’n naman eh. Hindi palaging champion. It’s always frustrating to lose, but that’s not a reason to quit. You used that (failure) as a motivation to get better,” he divulged.

Should he retire from the scene, Chris will focus on several businesses.

Unknown to most people, Chris’ family owns or various top corporations as Discovery Suites, Discovery Shores, and Zhangzhou Stronghold Steel Works Ltd. of China, among others.

Believe him

Chris has been hosting the infotainment show “iBilib” since 2012.

“I host that show, I think longer than my stay in PBA,” he enthused.

The show features scientific experiments and explores different scientific facts and theories surrounding everyday events presented in magical manner as seen on Japan’s popular science show “Wonders Of Horus.”

“As a whole, that’s the reason I agreed to venture into media. I want to use that as a platform to educate, not just to entertain,” was how he put it.

Despite appearing on national TV, Chris doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. He would rather call himself a popular person who wants to impart knowledge especially to the youth.

“It’s always a bonus na people can learn from your program. It doesn’t have to be trivial. It doesn’t have to be technical skills. But ’yung values itself… that is essential to everyday life,” he said.

Sleep is the key

With all his endeavors, Chris has to manage his time well.

“Then there’s the matter of harnessing the power of team,” he said. “If you able to have a team that you can rely on effectively and efficiently delivering the results, that will help you personally maximize your time.”

He makes sure to get six to eight hours of sleep every day.

“Sleep is very powerful. Sobrang importante ’yan. I believe if I don’t get quality sleep, I cannot function very well. With all my work, I cannot compromise with that. I have to be awake and energetic,” he said.

Chris endorses Tempur, a manufacturer and distributor of mattresses and pillows.

“I’m very proud to be part of a brand that is very reputable and that is really established and known for quality,” he said. “Upon using the brand, instantly nawala ang neck and back pains ko. So I really recommend this to all people especially to those who have physical demands sa everyday life nila.”

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