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Agony of moving on



Showing she is happy and having the time of her life seems to be the purpose of the social media account of Network Talent (NT) these days. After undergoing a major change in her life some time ago, NT was left to deal with reality that her expectations will no longer be met. The breakup of NT with Former Boyfriend (FB) was not part of any relationship goals of the two. However, circumstances forced the two to separate, much to the disappointment of their followers and friends.1

NT and FB looked to have been made for each other. Having grown up and matured in the same circle, they understood the demands of work and dealing with the public. When, they admitted that they are done and over with, people were shocked, but hoped that they would be able to work things out and reconcile.

Unfortunately, reconciliation did not at all happen. Even if NT would find time to see FB, rekindling his love for her became hard. Still, NT hoped FB would come home to her. Even if FB were linked to Endorser Model (EM), NT hoped nothing serious would come out. When the situation indicated that FB was no longer interested in her, NT was saddened because she felt FB was the one. Then, someone told her that FB already mentioned that he found his soulmate, and it’s obviously not her.

Although devastated, NT projected that she is living well and not bothered at all. She simply turns to humor for comfort. However, she is shattered, as she could not sleep and would sometimes turn to the bottle for company – the typical behavior of people going through the stages of a breakup.

When her close friends noticed the sullen behavior of NT, they encouraged her to talk to a medical professional who could help her snap out of her malaise.

It’s yet to happen.


‘Two words. Three vowels. Four consonants. Seven letters. It can either cut you open to the core and leave you in ungodly pain or it can free your soul and lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. The phrase is: It’s over.’ – Maggi Richard

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Lost in Story

Emerging celebrities who have caught the eye of the public often arouse interest among production houses, who would then race against each other to be the first to feature such stories. In the case of Upcoming Talent (UT), a network took the opportunity to make an episode featuring his life. However, the image projected by UT has been questioned by people who knew him before he was given the opportunity to become famous.

Allegedly, UT did not really live in a poor area as claimed in his story. Rumors have it that UT ran away from home that time and stayed with a family who treated him nicely. However, this part was not at all in his story. Then to make matters worse, the family did not have a pleasant experience with UT, whom they claimed to have stolen a valued possession, and gave it to some person hanging around the streets of where they live.

Truth or fiction?


‘We have this sort of false self we portray over the internet. It’s a facade of highlights we believe our peers will deem noteworthy.’ – Chris Matakas


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