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Maymay Entrata: New Concert Princess



Director Alco Guerrero has touching words for rising star Maymay Entrata who made her mark in the concert scene a few days ago.

“When dreamers walk the world they carry about a light hard to ignore. They fight with a quiet humility, almost fooling you with a shy exterior that is almost afraid to speak up. And yet, when they see that the chance – when that dream is within reach – you will see them become everything and more you could have wished for.

“You will see them animate with fire and passion and unwavering faith. You will see them become dance and song, you will see them become the heroes they were meant to be.

Alco Guerrero (left) with Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

Alco Guerrero (left) with Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

“I met an extraordinary young lady named Maymay Entrata a couple of months ago, and last Friday night, I watched her ‘dream’ come to life.”

I met the reality show star at ABS-CBN together with her love team Edward Barber recently while we were rehearsing for a TV program.

I told her, “You know what, you look and move exactly like me when I was younger.”

I did not know what reaction I was going to get from her. And so I braced myself – either Maymay will be delighted or she will hate me for life.

“’Yan din po ang sinasabi ng mga lola at tita ko. Ang tawag po ng mga lola ko sa akin ay Giselle Sanchez,” she said then hugged me.

I was moved. In just three seconds, I became a MayWard (Maymay and Edward combined) fan. I started watching all her TV guestings and bought all the fashion magazines where she was a cover girl (yes, this girl can pose fiercely in the cover of the most posh magazines in Manila).

Needless to say, I was excited to watch her concert, even texting her road manager to reserve me two tickets. But, alas, my manager from Viva Artists had already booked me for a show out of town.

Thankfully, Alco was available for interview. At one point he said, “In the whole span of putting together ‘The Dream,’ Maymay only panicked once because she had to juggle a really tough schedule. Last Friday, she completed double runs of all the numbers, fit of all the costumes, etc. all while laughing, while being the Maymay we all know. The princess not only showed herself in the show, but the future she seems to have willed for herself and her beloved followers. She’s a modern day Cinderella and that is why fans love her.”

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