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Daniel Radcliffe on miracles, love, and writing



Los Angeles – The only giveaway of Daniel Radcliffe getting more mature and older are his beard and moustache. The tousled hair, bright, smiling eyes and charming smile of his younger years were still present.

Turning 29 on July 23, the “Harry Potter” star talked to us about his latest TV series, a comedy with Steve Buscemi as God, titled “Miracle Workers,” where he works as one of God’s angels named Craig.

Daniel Radcliffe (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

Daniel Radcliffe (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

Set in the offices of Heaven, Inc., two low-level angels must convince their boss, God, to save humanity.

So does he believe in miracles, we asked. “I view the fact that we are sitting here and that I’m existing at all as a miracle,” he replied. “When you think of all the people who don’t exist, the odds against us existing are very, very long so that’s the kind of thing that makes me feel very lucky.”

We told him that it was refreshing to see him in a different genre, comedy. He said, “It’s fantastic. To be honest, most of what I watch is comedy and the stuff I really love is comedy. So I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time but it’s just about finding the right people to do it with particularly in TV when you could potentially be doing it for a few years. But as soon as I met (writer-producer) Simon (Rich) and I’ve been such a fan of his work and, you know, the chance to get onboard with him and in whatever he was creating was so exciting.

“Then when we got Steve (Buscemi) it was just like all our Christmases had come at once. We couldn’t believe that he was willing to just jump in and play God. Steve is an incredibly generous actor. He’s very kind. He’s very humble. He’s everything you want in a scene partner. As somebody who’s grown up watching him and his work, it was just a surreal and lovely experience to work with him.”

Although just in his 20s, he has already achieved an extraordinary amount. Is there something he still hasn’t done that he wants to do?

“I would love to write,” he admitted. “I would love to write and direct. That’s something that I have been working on but I’m really very nervous about that. I don’t want to do it until I’m really confident that what I’ve written is worth filming. But other than that, I’m just very happy to carry on. I love my job, my life. I love working and acting so I’m quite happy to just continue on at this pace as long as people will have me.”

What does he do during his free time?

“I just try to spend time here and with my girlfriend.”

Daniel’s girlfriend is Erin Darke whom he met on the set of “Killing Your Darlings.” They have been dating since October 2012.

Asked what things they do together, Daniel revealed, “We play a lot of games. Her family’s a big family of card players so she has introduced me to that. I just often feel very lucky that I have found somebody whom I can turn to at four o’clock in the afternoon and be like, ‘Do you want to play Scrabble?’ And they’re, like, ‘Yeah!’

“I feel like I’m very lucky. It’s super nerdy. I’m not judging that but that’s the thing. I feel like all the stuff that I grew up thinking oh, this is super nerdy. I’ll never be able to do this with a girl. The wonderful thing about that is when you find the relationship that you’re meant to be in.

“We play a lot of games. We watch a lot of TV. We go and see movies. We hang out and eat.”

So does he think love is the greatest miracle?

“I think love or finding somebody to be with, finding somebody who will play Scrabble with you at four in the afternoon, that’s a miracle absolutely, like, 100%.”

Another miracle for him is his parents being together for 30 years. “They didn’t just get lucky. They also worked really hard at that relationship and about caring for one another. I remember Richard Griffiths said to me once, he said, the inner relationship is like the price you have to pay for love is just like constant vigilance and caring about that other person. Then if you’re constantly looking after that, then the other things should be okay as well. I don’t know if it’s a miracle but it’s certainly one of the best things the world has to offer, definitely.”

He admitted that after “Harry Potter,” he wished that he would keep on working, “doing this thing that I love. So far so good.”

Any wishes he still wants to be fulfilled?

“I’d like my writing to get better,” he confessed. “I’d like to feel more confident about that. But that’ll probably come with being a bit more disciplined, about writing more regularly.”

Then he added, “One day, I would like to direct one good film in my life.”

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