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Grace Lee now into content production, acting



After two years in hiatus, former radio disc jockey and TV host Grace Lee is returning to show business.

Grace Lee returns to show business

Grace Lee returns to show business

“I thought maybe 10 years of my life in the industry was enough,” she said.

“But I prayed about it and then God opened another door for me through Viva Entertainment.”

As content producer of her company Zenith Media Contents, she is excited to have tie-ups with different Korean production teams. She’s already in talks with certain K-pop groups and Korean actors to bring them here for mini concerts and fan meetings. There are also exploratory talks on doing a Filipino-
Korean movie.

“Definitely there’s going to be an exchange of talent. It is something we’re working on,” she said

Now that she’s signed to Viva, Grace is open to doing even acting gigs.

Why just now, we asked.

“Now that I’m older, why not,” she said. “I’m more open about it now because I have more confidence. One thing I learned through the years is to never limit yourself, to always be open to possibilities.”

Given the chance, she’d like to work with Coco Martin.

“I heard he’s a very good actor, so I think someone like him could help me. Because I’m new in this department, maybe he could teach me. Maybe I would be
more motivated with someone as good as him,” she explained.

Her other dream leading men are Jericho Rosales and Empoy.

“I want to do heavy drama that would have audiences crying as they leave the cinemas. You wanna know why? ’Cause I’ve been single for three years now so at least even through films I could release all my sentiments,” she said, laughing.

Taking that as our cue, we asked if Grace is currently seeing someone.

“Non-existent, love life is still zero,” she said lightly. “Maybe because I’m too much of a workaholic.”

A few years back, Grace was linked to then-president Noynoy Aquino. She’d rather not talk about it, except to say “that was a long time ago” and that she was “very young” then.

“But, yes, I believe I am a better person now because of what happened. Things still turned out for the best.

“Those were fun memories. It’s a chapter in my life I would remember fondly.”

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