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Alex and Toni Gonzaga are among celebrity siblings that stand by each other through thick and thin.



When it comes to finding partners in crime, siblings are perfect for it as proved by Alex and Toni Gonzaga.

Toni and Alex Gonzaga (mb.com.ph)

Toni and Alex Gonzaga

Funny enough, the two admit theirs isn’t a perfect relationship and that’s fine.

“We always see ourselves as imperfect sisters, we have our misunderstandings,” Toni said. “But if there’s one thing we assured each other, it’s that no matter what happens we will never ever air our dirty linen in public.

“If we’re fighting, nobody has to know. If there’s something going on in our family, they don’t need to know. What goes on behind closed doors in our home stays with us.”

Both Christians, they are careful of their actions though they prefer not to be considered as role models to others.

“’Cause when you say role model it gives a big responsibility to an individual. Like he or she is not allowed to commit mistake because they’re being looked up to by others as an example,” Toni said.

Alex likes it more when people say they can relate to them.

Toni thinks their different personalities actually keep their relationship strong.

“We are all designed to be unique, to be our own character that adds color and life to the family. ’Cause if we are all the same, it will be boring so I think her character complements my personality.”


Toni and Alex have a milk tea business. Just a year old, they already have 52 stores in place and more than 800 inquiries for franchise.

Their mother, Pinty, is a big help to them. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the thriving business.

Alex and Toni with Baby Seve (mb.com.ph)

Alex and Toni with Baby Seve

“We gave her the position because she’s the only trusted person that we know who can really take care of the business. She knows the numbers, who knows how business works because she’s an accountant,” Toni explained.

They’re glad to be successful entrepreneurs, too.

“This field is not the same in show business that if you don’t have any project, you’re the only one who doesn’t have work. Here in our business, it is a source of income for our employees. So, we really want the company to grow more, to help more people, to employ more, and to give all the benefits to our employees,” Alex added.

First time!

This year is also special for Toni and Alex as they prepare to shoot their first film together. The 34-year-old Toni said they consider it “the biggest passion project.” They are excited that singer-actor Sam Milby recently got on board.

Although they could not yet reveal the synopsis and working title, the movie will tackle family, comedy, drama, and romance.

On why Sam was chosen, Toni revealed that it was his husband, film director Paul Soriano, who decided on it.

“He told me that he misses our love team on screen. ’Cause when me and Paul met, it was during the time that me and Sam were doing movie. And maybe Paul kinda grew up admiring the love team, the partnership that we had and kinda missed that because it’s been a long time (Sam and I had worked together),” she explained.

The concept of the story actually came from Toni but the project was put on hold in 2015 when she got pregnant.

“So now we took it out and dissected it again and now we’re in the process of finishing it,” she explained.

About the boy

Certainly, Toni’s life changed when she became mother to Severiano Elliott.

“My perspective in life, the way I dress up, the way I see things, the way I view everything in life,” she said.

Even cutting her hair was because of him.

Gonzaga sisters with Sam Milby (Photo from Sam's Instagram) /mb.com.ph

Gonzaga sisters with Sam Milby
(Photo from Sam’s Instagram)

“It’s because of the demands of chasing the toddler,” she explained.

Now that she is a mom herself, Toni is adapting the style of her parents when it comes to being a disciplinarian.

“Also the way she always talks to us, gives us affirmation, encourages us. My mom is very frank. She doesn’t sugar coat anything just to make us feel good. She tells us as it is and that’s the same thing I want to do for Seve,” she noted.

Though just a year old, Seve is following in the footsteps of his mom, dad, and auntie who are all in the entertainment field.

He already has television commercials – three endorsements, in fact – among these is as ambassador of a distilled spring water brand.

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