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Man of many hats

Zoren Legaspi is actor, director, businessman, and manager rolled into one



Zoren Legaspi is used to taking directions from behind cameras but he soon switches sides again.

Zoren Legaspi (

Zoren Legaspi

Recall that his directorial debut was the 2006 fantasy adventure series “Fantastikids.” Aside from that, he also did the drama fantasy series “Atlantika,” and the action fantasy series “Fantastik Man”—then it all stopped.

According to Zoren, it was one of the reasons he decided to take a break from the scene for some time.

“With those three successive shows, I think I got burnt out,” he admitted. “At the time, computer-generated imagery was just discovered so it was really hard for me to adjust to the demands of work. It reached the point that I couldn’t even sleep.”

His most recent project as director was the horror anthology film “Shake, Rattle, And Roll XII.”

Is directing his fall back? He said it’s the other way around.

“I know that I’m not that talented as an actor. I give extra effort to act unlike some actors that when you cue them to cry, they do so effortlessly,” he said.

When he plays actor, Zoren refrains from commenting on directorial treatment as “that would really be disrespectful.”

Father and manager

Zoren also manages the budding careers of his fraternal twins, Cassandra or “Cassy” and Maverick or “Mavy.” He does so in partnership with GMA Artist Center.

The seasoned actor wants the two to accept just light projects for now as schooling remains their top priority.

Will he allow them to study abroad, we asked.

“Parting ways is not worth it especially now that the world has become darker and darker. You never can tell what will happen in the future,” he explained. “So I told them ‘no’ unless they want to become, say, an astronaut. But if it’s just a business course, there are a lot of good school here.”

He hopes Cassy would get hosting jobs or be part of a wholesome romantic-comedy project. Zoren sees Mavy as action star on fantasy series ala James Bonds.

The earnings from doing commercials go directly to their respective bank accounts. Those from television work are used as the twins’ allowance.


Zoren is chief executive officer of Z.Creative Team Sports. The actor is into cycling, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, and playing tennis.

Zoren with wife Carmina Villaroel and their fraternal twins Cassandra ‘Cassy’ and Maverick ‘Mavy’ (Instagram) /

Zoren with wife Carmina Villaroel and their fraternal twins Cassandra ‘Cassy’ and Maverick ‘Mavy’ (Instagram)

Because of his healthy lifestyle, people often think he is younger than his age.

“I don’t have vices and whenever I get the chance, I make sure to sleep a lot. I eat the right food and workout,” he shared. “But the most important thing is that you don’t have any problem and you’re free from stress.”

Zoren has a number of investments and property.

“I want to secure our future. I don’t want that there would be a time when my family will question my responsibility as padre de pamilya. As head of family, it is my obligation to make sure that 20 years from now, we would still survive should we decide to leave show business.”

The actor is on the drama romance series “Kapag Nahati Ang Puso” alongside Bea Binene, Benjamin Alves, Sunshine Cruz, and Bing Loyzaga.

He plays Enrico “Nico / Nick” Del Valle, the father of Claire (Bea), ex-boyfriend of Rio Matias (Sunshine), and the husband of Miranda Aseron (Bing).

The story revolves around Rio and Claire becoming rivals without knowing their real relationship as biological mother and daughter when they cross paths, and both fall in love with Joaquin Espiritu (Benjamin).

“Kapag Nahati Ang Puso” airs weekdays before “Eat Bulaga!” on GMA.

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