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Sanya Lopez and Derrick Monasterio work together in a movie that signals their foray into tackling more mature roles.



Sanya Lopez and Derrick Monasterio lead the sexy romance big screen project “Wild And Free” and, suddenly, like that song, it’s getting hot in here.

Sanya Lopez and Derrick Monasterio (

Sanya Lopez and Derrick Monasterio

It was revealed in an interview the two will have intimate scenes shot in every place imaginable (or make that, unimaginable) like inside a car then on top of a washing machine.

Still, Sanya said that through it all, Derrick was the perfect gentleman. Of course, aside from taking sensuality workshop, the two talked about the dos and don’ts in doing those scenes, and took their cue from director Connie S. Macatuno as regard the blockings.

“Wild And Free” is about Ellie (Sanya), an independent and self-supporting woman. She works as a part-time Transport Network Vehicle Service driver who one day picks up Jake (Derrick), a man from his past.


Connie said they wanted to offer something fierce and explosive, “the story of a millennial from a woman’s point of view,” as she put it.

Asked to assess the performance of the two, she started by saying both are very professional. In fact, she let the actors do each scene as they thought fit to make it look realistic.

Sanya considers the role the most challenging she has ever done.

“Ellie’s personality is someone who is willing to give her whole life for love. But will she limit herself or offer everything?” she said.

Derrick said Jake is burning with passion. Still, the actor admitted he was actually nervous during their first love scene.

Scene from 'Wild And Free' (

Scene from ‘Wild And Free’

“I was really scared doing the first intimate scene because I might get a slap from her,” he said, seemingly only half joking.

Are they now ready to be identified with the sexy movie genre?

Sanya said she doesn’t see any problem with that.

“I believe that as long as you are just showcasing or conveying the important messages of the story to your audiences, then it’s all good,” she said.

“Wild And Free” from Regal Entertainment, Inc. opens in cinemas on Oct. 10.

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