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Now that she has two kids with husband Drew Arellano, TV personality Iya Villania regards work from renewed perspective.



Iya Villania had to think twice when asked if marriage has affected how she decides on work.

“I wouldn’t say I stopped looking at my career compass,” she began in an interview with Bulletin Entertainment. “I actually don’t even think about it because I feel that as life changes, your career compass changes direction too. Unknowingly, you’re achieving something else and you’re becoming someone else that maybe initially you never really planned or never thought would be in your career path.

“I feel when I became a mom, I adjusted. And I’m happy achieving other things in life rather than maybe the dream I had 10 years ago.”

The 32-year-old artist revealed that in her younger years, she dreamed of becoming a famous singer-dancer.

“I wanted to be the next Vina Morales,” she said. “But when Sarah Geronimo had learned to do so, I told myself ‘Never mind.’ After all, I’m already happy and contented as a television host.”

Iya reflected that she allows life to take her wherever, her passion for anything and everything never dies. She credits her husband, Drew Arellano, for being ever supportive.

“He just really lets me be,” she pointed out. “Even when we were just boyfriend-girlfriend, he never set limits.”
Is there a down side to it, we asked.

“Sometimes I would ask Drew why he never prevented me from doing this and that. But I know the answer: We trust each other enough that if that is what you want – if that is what you believe is best for you – then okay, I have your back.”


We asked Iya if Drew’s work as host of local travel show “Biyahe Ni Drew” has ever affected their relationship negatively.

Well, according to her, she doesn’t actually mind Drew doing all that traveling if it means there’s always something new to talk about when he comes home.

“Really, I just love what he does. I think it adds to him as a person. It’s healthy for him, it gives him new energy that he is able to learn something new with every trip he takes.

IYA with husband Drew Arellano and sons Primo and Leon (Instagram) /

IYA with husband Drew Arellano and sons Primo and Leon

“I’m glad at least one of us gets to do that because he will be able to bring or take his family back to places that he thinks is worth going back to. So, we have our own traveler.”

Meanwhile, Iya returns to the small screen on Oct. 8, specifically through GMA’s news program “24 Oras” as the “Chika Minute” segment host.

Iya admitted it night be good for her to do something “not baby related” from time to time. She said, it’s always about time management for everything to be on even keel.

“When you’re a mom it just can’t be all about you,” she said.

“For me what important is I instill the right value to my kids and it’s only possible if I give them the time. I think time is really the love language of the kids – that quality time being with them.”

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