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‘Through’ twists and turns

The new Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis movie shot in Iceland has story extraordinary



SCENES FROM ‘Through Night And Day’

SCENES FROM ‘Through Night And Day’

Director Ronnie Velasco considers her latest offering “Through Night And Day” starring Alessandra “Alex” de Rossi and Paolo Contis a must-watch film.

At a press conference, she said the romantic-comedy movie showcases the onscreen chemistry of the actors as well as the beauty of Iceland.

“Through Night And Day” is about Ben (Paolo) and Jen (Alex) who got engaged after 13 years of togetherness. For their prenup shoot, they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen’s lifelong dream destination, Iceland.
But their relationship will be put to the test as all sorts of misfortune happen to them on this trip, mostly caused by Jen’s blunders. Will these make their relationship stronger or tear it apart?

“It is not your typical romantic-comedy film,” Ronnie said. “The chemistry of Paolo and Alex is really something. They’re very entertaining. Their relationship is not your typical sweet moments as they show affections through offensive words or insult. It’s cariño brutal relationship they have.”

The two are so comfortable working together that they were allowed to do ad-libs with their lines.

“Everything they uttered was funny,” Ronnie said.

Paolo likes it when the story of the characters started shifting.

“That’s when the compromise entered,” he said. “As in real life, that’s when the characters got to know each other better.”

(FROM LEFT): Paolo, Director Ronnie Velasco, and Alessandra

(FROM LEFT): Paolo, Director Ronnie Velasco, and Alessandra

Alex revealed the reason the movie is titled so, is that she wanted to show if a couple could make it through if they are together for 24/7. Does familiarity really breed contempt?

“Ben and Jen’s trip in Iceland is their first time to stay together through night and day. So while there, they see each other’s flaws,” the actress said.

She thinks knowing Paolo for quite some time redounded to their work rapport. The two were schoolmates in ABS-CBN Distance Learning Center then paired as a couple in the 2004 supernatural horror film “Spirit Of The Glass.” In 2008, they again worked together via “One Night Only.”


Dangerous scene
Asked what scene in the movie is most memorable to Alex, she said it was that “death-defying” one shot in a pool in Iceland during which she suffered hypothermia.

It is the condition when the body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature.

The actress remembered feeling her heart literally stopped while doing the scene and that it took her a while to recover indoors.

On the brighter side, where they able to see the beauty of Iceland during down time?

Not really, Paolo admitted. In fact, in the nine days they stayed there, they even wasted a day because unexpected strong rain came.

Indeed, the weather condition put them to the test. Paolo remembered shooting an accident scene in -10 Celsius temperature. It was so cold they could hardly get their dialogues out correctly.


“We could only stay outside for two hours then we would run inside the bus to warm ourselves up,” Ronnie said. “Actually, the locals were really shocked that our life starts at night. For them, when it’s six in the evening, all are snug at home.”

Still, Alex found the weather in Iceland perfect as it complements the relationship of Ben and Jen.


“The two are also unpredictable. Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re not, sometimes they would have heated arguments, but then sometimes they’re so clingy with each other,” she explained.

“Through Night And Day” by Viva Films hits cinemas nationwide on Nov. 14.



On the Movie: It is the first time a Filipino film has been shot in Iceland. The team took the Ring Road and went around the country by car in seven days.

On Direk Ronnie: She has done several television commercials and hit movies as “Tuhog” and “My Dear Other Self.”

On Paolo Contis: This is the first movie he has done after a long time. Mainly known for comedy and drama, it is his first lead role in a love story.

On Alessandra: Now a producer, Alessandra is known for her quirky, off beat roles. From “Kita Kita” to “12,” Alessandra proves to be an acting force with any story or any acting partner.

On Alessandra and Paolo: They have been friends for a long time and have worked in various television shows and projects.

On Iceland: This has always been Alessandra’s dream country. She feels like it is her second home because she identifies so much with Iceland’s star singer-songwriter, Bjork.

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