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Double ‘S’

Solenn Heussaff and Sanya Lopez feel like queens being paired with two Kapuso Kings – and naysayers just have to deal with it.



Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez

When actresses Solenn Heussaff and Sanya Lopez were entrusted with their roles on GMA’s upcoming drama-action series “Cain At Abel,” they had to feel their gut for courage.

It’s not about preparing physically and mentally for their challenging roles. Rather, it is readying themselves for the possibility of earning the ire of some “fans” since they were tapped as the leading ladies of Dennis Trillo and Dingdong Dantes, both happily in love with their respective real-life partners.

Solenn, who admitted to have a number of kissing scenes with Dingdong, is confident Marian Rivera will not get “jealous” of her.

“I mean, I am married, too,” she told Bulletin Entertainment. “I don’t think there’s need for bashing. People should know how to separate reality from fiction. And hello, Marian and Dingdong are expecting a child so I do hope bashers will not stress them out just because we did this one scene.”

Solenn Heussaff

Solenn Heussaff

Sanya, on her part, believes Dennis’ long-time girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado has broad understanding on these things.
“She’s Jennylyn Mercado and I adore her so much. She’s the best actress for me. I don’t think it will come to a point that she will get mad or whatever at me, because I know my place.”

What to offer
“Cain At Abel” is a stirring tale about brotherhood and sacrifice.

On it, Solenn is Abigail, the bold, sophisticated and adventurous lover of Daniel (Dingdong). Sanya, on the other hand, is Margaret, the principled, responsible and inspiring girlfriend of Miguel/Elias (Dennis).

Talking more about it, Solenn said her role is not the typical leading lady.

“Mine has a bad side. And it’s fine by me because it’s really a challenge on my part. People know that I’m not ‘maldita’ in real life, not a confrontational person,” she explained. “So this show is a good platform for me to unleash that side of me.”

The 22-year-old Sanya said viewers could expect a lot action and fight scenes, as well as love triangles.
“Some may say the story of ‘Cain At Abel’ is not new, like, a lot of series have done it. But we can proudly say this is different because the central characters are men. Two guys who are blood-related, interact and fight with each other. Imagine the kind of challenge you can go through with that,” she said.

The two sultry actresses revealed the pressure is on for them, especially that “Cain At Abel” is being pitted against a formidable rival show.

Several reports claimed the series is GMA’s most expensive production this year. For one, based on the trailer shown at the press conference, Dingdong and Dennis began their taping in Subic. The scene is packed with big action fights involving expensive yachts and speedboats.

Solenn proudly said the network is putting all its effort in offering a good show to the Filipino viewers.

Sibling rivalry
“Cain At Abel” is about two brothers, Daniel and Miguel, who grew up in two different worlds. As children, they were separated by fate. Daniel was raised comfortably in the city by his father. Miguel, on the other hand, was taken by his mother who later changed his name to Elias. They relocated to a poor fishing village where they struggled to make ends meet.

Years later, Daniel and Miguel/Elias were drawn together by their mutual affections: The father who brought them apart, the mother they yearn for, and the woman they both love.

Relating to the series’ theme, we asked Solenn and Sanya if they’ve experienced the same with their respective siblings.

The 33-year-old Solenn shared that she and brother, vlogger Erwan Heussaff rarely fight, describing their relationship as “very chill.”

Sanya shared brother Jak Roberto gets annoyed at her over petty things.

“He’s the OC one. Like, every time, I leave my comb lying around somewhere or anything, he gets mad at me,” she laughed.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Sanya said Jak advises her to be careful and clever.

“He always tells me that I should take care of what I have. It’s important that I prioritize and take care of myself. My Kuya is very loving and supportive. I’m grateful to have a brother and a best friend in one person,” she smiled.

Going back to the series, “Cain At Abel” is under the helm of directors Don Michael Perez, Mark Reyes and Toto Natividad. Completing the cast are Eddie Gutierrez, Ronnie Henares, Chanda Romero, Dina Bonnevie, Tommy Abuel, Bing Pimentel, Renz Fernandez, Ervic Vijandre, Mark Abaya, Carlo Gonzales, Boy 2 Quizon, Pauline Mendoza, and Leandro Baldemor.

Playing special guest roles are Yasmien Kurdi, Diana Zubir, Gio Alvarez, Rafael Rosell, David Remo, Seth Dela Cruz, And Ashley Cabrera.

“Cain At Abel” airs after “24 Oras” on GMA Telebabad.

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