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Eight years after heading the Filipino adaptation of Korean series “Endless Love,” Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo share stellar billing anew on TV show about brotherhood and sacrifice.



Dennis Trillo  and Dingdong Dantes

Dennis Trillo and Dingdong Dantes

On “Cain At Abel,” Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo are brothers separated by fate so they grew up in worlds so different from each other.
Before the series airs its pilot episode tonight, Bulletin Entertainment had this exclusive interview with them.

Tell us about your role in the series?
Dingdong: “I am Daniel Larrazabal, the older brother of Elias.”
Dennis: “I am Miguel Larrazabal, separated from Daniel.”

How is your role here different from those you’ve done in the past?
Dingdong: “We often see on television siblings composed of two genders or sisters, but we seldom see something about brothers. Also, with the story based on a biblical story, and the fact that I’m working again with Dennis after a long time – those elements make it exciting for me.”
Dennis: “It is special for me because we’ll finally work together again after almost 10 years. And I believe this is really the perfect time for us to work together again. With all the things we have learned from the past experiences and projects we had, it would help us give more justice to our respective characters here.”

How do you internalize for your role? Do you draw from your own memories, stories of other people or from works with similar stories, etc?
Dingdong: “I believe the story itself is already clear the way it’s written. So we really just made sure to get to know better the story. Also, when you’re on set, you get new ideas on how to portray your character with help from co-actors, the director, and the whole scene itself.
“I think that’s the magic we have been doing. No matter how much you prepare for a scene there would always be something new that will unexpectedly happen that fortunately will be captured by the cameras.”
Dennis: “For me, I’m really a huge fan of films. So I was able to get some ideas from the movies I watched before and up until now. Like the nuances and the different factors that could help my character.”

How is it working with each other? What do you like about each other’s acting skills and the way the other runs his career?
Dingdong: “Personally, I’ve always admired the choices of Dennis when it comes to his roles. He usually picks edgy and exciting one and I believe that challenging yourself helps you grow as actor, particularly when you go out of your comfort zone.
“So being with the same network for almost 20 years, I saw how he has evolved. Also, I like the fact that he never changes his attitude towards works and most particularly his attitude towards other people.
“It is my privilege that with this specific material, we were able to work again. I mean, I think if this happened 10 years ago, I would have said I’m not ready for it. First, because we were younger we’d have less experience then. So now, we have stored a lot of experiences as co-actors and friends and that would really help us to portray the brother roles effectively.”
Dennis: “Just some years before I joined show business, I’ve already seen Dingdong as an actor and I really became his fan.
“Now our working relationship on ‘Cain At Abel’ is really smooth, maybe because I don’t want to waste the opportunity to work with Dingdong.
“Whenever I go to the set, I make sure I’m prepared and I know my work because I don’t want to look embarrassed in front on him.”
Dingdong: “Actually, I’m pressured when I do a scene with Dennis. I always tell myself that I need to perfect each scene and do it in one take the way Dennis does it.”

What was your reaction when this project was offered to you?
Dingdong: “I was already aware of this project before it was given to me. So when it was offered to me, I accepted it immediately. Even before, I knew the material is good.”
Dennis: “I became excited when I heard the news that I’m going to do it alongside Dingdong. I told myself that it is my long dream to work with him again and, finally, it came true.”

Have you read the bible story of Cain and Abel? Would you say it is similar to the series?
Dingdong: “With the title and the characters, it is actually somehow inspired from the biblical story but it is not directly based on it. We want the viewers to contemplate their own understanding on who between the brothers is like Cain and who is like Abel.”
Dennis: “It’s a puzzle for the audience to solve.”

(“Cain At Abel” airs after “24 Oras” on GMA Telebabad)

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