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Evolving artist

Alessandra de Rossi continues to explore possibilities in her craft





Alessandra de Rossi hasn’t tired of wearing different hats two decades into show business.

Aside from acting, she is singer-songwriter and scriptwriter. One of her coming projects is said to be with James Reid, their first time working together. She has signed a three movie project with Viva, not necessarily as actress in them.

In an interview, she shared her evolution stems from her desire to express herself, which she traces back to high school when she would write poems.

Because many find her to be cheerful, people seek her advice which she in turn uses for her poetry.

“I’m shock absorber for them,” she said.

She always writes from experience, only about things she’s familiar with.

“My topics are always those I could relate to it so I know what I’m talking about.”

Does she think of directing too?

“So many people have been telling me I should study it (directing) and take an online class so that I’ll know the technical side – but then I’m not that kind of learner,” she said. “I know myself. I prefer learning from experience.”

Social media and all

Speaking of how technology has evolved, Alessandra was asked about her position on use of social media. Like many people, does she think the bases of success for artists now are number of likes and views?

“I don’t know but I’m not that kind of person,” she said, adding that on her Instagram account she prefers posting candid photo of her parents, as well as how she appreciates the beauty of the world with clouds and trees as her usual subject.

The actress believes success should be measured by how happy they are on the things they do in life.

In her case – and she says this without batting an eyeleash – she didn’t stay in the business for fame.

“I don’t want to make it big! It’s hard to be famous,” she said. “Wherever you go, there are people who want to take a selfie with you. I mean they’re hundreds but you’re only one so it’s really hard.”

She recalled how hard her life became at times after she attracted so many followers after her film “Kita Kita” became a huge success.

“It wasn’t really easy (having fame). I couldn’t even go outside to do some grocery,” she said, perhaps only half-jokingly.
She actually opted to stay more inside her house at the time to guard her solitude and the status quo.

“I mean, people don’t understand how hard being an actor is, because your job doesn’t end even when the run of the projects you’ve done is already finished.

“Even when we are going for a vacation, whether at the airport or on the airplane, we’re still working (by accommodating the request of fans like posing a picture with them),” she maintained.

Alessandra admitted despite being a celebrity for so long, she still guards her privacy.

She shared that back in the day when entertainment talk shows were aplenty, she was very open as an artist. But when different social media became a trend, it stopped.

“I mean, I don’t like the feeling that you’re talking about certain topic in my life then 20 years from now the videos and news are still available online,” she explained. “I mean, I already moved on from that issues but then the people who will see or read the stuff online for the first time is not.”

“So, really, I prefer keeping it to myself because in life, there are people who will come and go. And it’s better if you don’t have any traces of them when they leave you or you leave them.”

The 34-year-old actress admitted there were interviews that when she watches again, she regrets saying some of the things she did.

“I don’t know but before, when you share your life on television, you’re talking to a host who knows your heart and soul so you tend to open your life and forgot that there are people watching on TV,” she pointed out. “But now, everyone has a say.

Everyone could speak their opinion despite them not knowing who you really are as a person or behind the cameras.”

But then again, Alessandra understands that in life, people have differing opinions, each one as varied as his background.
Has she ever unfollowed someone on her social media accounts, we asked.

“So many,” she admitted.

Well, why?

“You just became uninterested in his or her life,” was the same response at first.

“Or maybe because he or she unfollowed you first. So you’re like ‘Oh really (you unfollowed me), okay (I’ll unfollow you too). (Now) It’s a tie.”

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