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EXCLUSIVE: IV of Spades story continues with ‘Clap’ CD



Now with just three members, pop funk band IV of Spades opens the year on a high note as a power trio ever-evolving.

Composed of lead vocalist and bassist Zild Benitez, lead guitarist Blaster Silonga, and drummer Badjao de Castro, IV of Spades isn’t slowing down. They had just released the album “ClapClapClap!”

“This is our story as a band. This is the most honest version of ourselves. This is not just about us, but the fans who support us,” Zild told Bulletin Entertainment.

IV of Spades (Photo by Lester Ramos)

IV of Spades (Photo by Lester Ramos)

“ClapClapClap!” resonates with their personal experiences and it also serves as a tribute to their fans. While the album title sounds fun and upbeat, Zild explained the songs still have their signature deep lyrics.

“What people experience, we experience too. Clap, clap, clap for them because they survived it. We have many songs in the album that is easy-listening but the lyrics aren’t actually that light,” he said.

Asked what makes the songs from their new album different from their previous releases, Badjao said, “It has more colors and not just upbeat songs. Our album tells about our experiences. Just like our life, it has its ups and downs.”

The IV of Spades recently released the music video for “Bawat Kaluluwa,” which the band said is about going back to one’s original purpose. As of this writing, the video already has 484,954 views.

“What I was thinking then is what was going inside me and the three of us as a band. It was as if we are talking to ourselves, like the band has two personas. The other one is guiding the other not to fall apart, like he wants to bring the other back to his main purpose and where he originally came from. That’s the main intention, to preserve the original purpose of that person,” Zild said.

The band now has new dynamics having just three members. Unique Salonga, who was their former lead vocalist, left the group in 2018.

“There are lots of changes. Of course, that’s one member. Whoever leaves among the four, there’s going to be a change because one is missing,” he said.

Blaster shared there are changes in their workflow and music. The band rose to fame with their songs “Hey Barbara” and their fourth single “Mundo.”

“The intention was not to repeat what we’ve done before. We’ll just stay natural in doing music,” Zild said.

The band also seems to be working extra hard these days. While they are still relatively new in the business, IV of Spades has already earned awards and recognitions, including New Artist of the Year and the MYX Bandarito Performance of the Year and nominated as Group the Year at the annual Myx Music Awards. They also won at the 30th Awit Awards as Favorite New Group.

“Everyone’s involved. We stepped up,” Badjao said.

Zild added, “Whoever has an idea in songwriting, in the music arrangement, we give ideas. We’re stronger now.”

IV of Spades is known for their unique look and vintage fashion. Are they going to change their style while promoting their new album?

“It’s still the same but it also evolves naturally,” Badjao said.

Even seasoned singers, like singer-songwriter Wency Cornejo, admire the band that looks up to the likes of UDD, Bamboo, and Eraserheads.

“Coming from him (Wency) who has experienced a lot already in the music industry, it’s a big honor for us,” Zild said.

While IV of Spades rarely appears as guests on TV, the band is open to doing more television shows to promote their new album.

“We have already established our following on the Internet. Fans should also not worry about our music direction if ever we promote on TV shows because that just means we are expanding our reach,” Zild said.

With the advent of digital music, people now rarely buy CD albums. The band approves of both platforms.

“It’s a form of art that you cannot touch and you don’t know who owns it, like it’s in the air. So these CDs and vinyls, you get to have this sense of ownership, like a painting that you can keep inside your house. It’s there. The album becomes part of your life,” Zild said.

Badjao added, “The CD has more sentimental value to a person because he has something actual to hold. It’s there and you can see it. It’s really not our target to make a hit but to make music. That’s our main purpose.”

Their fans better get ready as the IV of Spades are going all out in promoting “ClapClapClap!”

“We’re gonna tour and bring this album everywhere, around the world. Engage more with our fans. Share our experiences with them,” Blaster said.

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