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Ice Seguerra reveals donors’ looks like those of famous Hollywood actors



Ice Seguerra and Liza Dino’s baby will look like Hollywood actors Liam Hemsworth and James Dornan going by the genetic traits of the donors they chose for their on-going in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In a recent interview, Ice said their “code” for the sperm donors are “Superman” and “Boy Pogi.”

He divulged they like Superman more because he is a “six-footer” and has blue eyes.

“We need to compensate (for our height),” he explained with a smile.

As for the personality of the donor, they chose someone who is “almost like Liza” in person. “Superman” graduated as summa cum laude with a degree in Sociology. He’s also a musician and a classically trained singer. He also loves to cook which Ice noted Liza is also into.


Asked if it had ever crossed their mind to just ask a Filipino actor to be their donor, Ice revealed they had jokingly asked Derek Ramsey one time.

“It would have been easier if the donor is here in the Philippines but then we thought of the complications that might occur latter,” he said. “So, it was better to get from a cryogenic bank as there’s no string attached.”

Ice is exited to become a father. He looks forward to seeing Liza pregnant.

“I’ll be there for her 100 percent. I’ll wake up as early as three in morning just because Liza would tell me how hungry she is and ask for food she craves,” he said.

Ice is happy that their friends and family support them all the way.

Asked what gender Ice prefers, he said anything will do as long as their baby is healthy.


Bulletin Entertainment caught up with Ice at the press conference of his and Nyoy Volante’s concert “Acoustic Love Journey” on Feb. 9 at the Palacio de Maynila.

Asked what the audience can expect in terms of repertoire, he said it will be chill and just like a jamming session.

“But then again, when you perform with a friend, you don’t know what magic might happen,” he explained. “I guess aside from our repertoire of songs that people have always loved, ‘Acoustic Love Journey’ will be a journey through songs.”

How does his voice matches up with Nyoy?

“Nyoy is very versatile,” Ice lauded. “I mean, you hear him singing all these acoustic hits but he can actually be a rocker and all. He can do things that you want him to be.

“So it would be a measurement of our versatility. I’m excited over what’s gonna happen.”

Why oh why?

Ice is thrilled this serves as his comeback Valentine’s Day concert.

Recall that for the past two years, the singer had worked as Chairperson for the government agency, National Youth Commission.

“I guess I’m not meant to work for government,” he said. “I mean, I like the public service part but when you say government it goes both ways – public service and politics. So the politics part, I do not like.”

So do intrigues in politics bother him, we asked.

“Actually the issues there are too much because those concerned national interest. I’m not belittling showbiz but if we compare the degree of intrigues in politics, they’re poles apart,” he shared.

But Ice emphasized it’s not the main reason he left. Aside from showbiz being more financially rewarding, he also started missing his wife.

“She’s also in government (Chairman of Film Development Council of the Philippines) so there came the time we hardly had time for each other. We’d be so tired, and many times we just sleep right away when we reach home. I didn’t like it,” he said.

Ice said he will never sacrifice their relationship for anything.

“I mean, we love our country but one has to give way. As much as I love my country, I love my relationship with my wife and I do not want to sacrifice that. I think it’s enough that one of us is serving the government.”

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