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GOSSIP GIRL: #LoveLoveLove for Ka Tunying, Rossel

'We should always make our wives happy – happier than the first time they let us into their lives.'



Rossel Velasco Taberna is the woman behind tough broadcaster Anthony “Ka Tunying.” They celebrated their 11th anniversary with a renewal of vows recently.

“We had our reaffirmation of wedding vows this year, the 11th one instead of 10, for several reasons,” she said. “We have an 11-year age gap. And we met Nov. 11 (11/11) at 7-11 – at exactly 4:11 p.m.!”

The renewal was held somewhere in Tagaytay followed by reception at the Fernwood Gardens. Their children Azasia Zoey, 10, and Helga Antoinette, 9, were the flower girls. The invited guests were close friends and family, and employees of their growing bakery and café, Ka Tunying, now with eight branches.

Mr. and Mrs.Taberna (Photo courtesy of Nice Print Photography)

Mr. and Mrs.Taberna (Photo courtesy of Nice Print Photography)

“Our restaurant started as a community bakery long time ago in Nueva Ecija. It is a typical ‘panaderia sa kanto’ and it is named after my father, the original Tunying. Because of our love for cooking and food. we decided to put up a bakery/cafe and ‘re–bring’ Ka Tunying’s to Manila,” he said.

“The secret to the growth of the business is Rossel. Her hands-on style works wonders for the company. She is so into it that no one goes home without accomplishing our tasks for fear of getting non-stop reminders from her,” Tunyong joked.

“Seriously, she is strict with deadlines. She inspires her co-workers through leadership by example. Rossel always takes good care of her staff. There was a particular year when she didn’t spend her salary for herself. She allocated the amount as travel incentive for the people working under her which developed loyalty among our employees.”

Listening to Anthony’s afternoon radio show on DZMM “Dos por Dos” with Gerry Baja, makes one think that if you are a corrupt public servant, a negligent government employee or just a plain bad person, you can almost feel thick wood hit your head with pain as stinging as the words hurled by the two.

Is Tunying like that as a father, we asked Rossel.

“He is the opposite. As a husband, he is very understanding and at times less assertive. Happy wife, happy life! As a father, he loves our two angels so much. He always makes time to talk to them even on a busy day.”

I asked the couple what their advice is to husbands and wives starting out.

Rossel’s advice to wives: “Wives should learn how to take care of themselves too. It is biblical. You have to look good and feel good all the time not only for yourself but for your partner as well. I have been through the difficult struggle of gaining so much weight from giving birth. I was 72kg for so many years and I would feel depressed and insecure. I know that it’s unhealthy and though my husband doesn’t push or pressure me, it is my responsibility to improve myself. From 72kg I am now down to 56kg with proper diet and exercise for almost two years now. I promised him that I would maintain my figure even if I give birth again.”

Tunying’s advice to husbands: “We need to learn how to listen and be less assertive. I used to be so dominating and assertive, believing my wife should always be submissive to me. I saw and felt how unhealthy it was, how that style diminished the confidence of my wife and how it resulted in arguments over small items.

“We should never assume that we are always better than our wives because in reality, given the opportunity to speak, they are often more mature and knowledgeable than men. At times, I feel my wife is more intellectually matured than I am on a good number of issues.

“Lastly, we should always make our wives happy – happier than the first time they let us into their lives.”

I hope my husband is reading this article, hihi…

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