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FASHION PULIS: Doing it for Affection



Since Award-Winning actress (AW) started her showbiz career, battling weight problems seems to have been part of her maturing. Talent, however, was on her side, and thus losing excess weight was never an issue until social media came into the picture. For a moment, AW took the body shaming seriously. She did regular exercise and ensured she’s fit for health reasons as well. Eventually, her weight loss bid gained ground.

One time, AW received a message from her Secret Lover (SL). She was actually surprised at the reconnecting effort of SL, as he had publicly admitted being in a relationship with Network Talent (NT).


Just like old times, SL and AW saw each other. A few talks here and there and soon, the two were back to their secret romance and encounters. AW wondered why SL sought her out again and his answer was that none of the other women compares to AW – in every way.

As AW had already become fond of SL, his request was hard to turn down. They have been seeing each other on and off even before SL and NT got together. However, they cannot have their relationship exposed, as image is key to SL’s gaining popularity among the younger generation. Being with NT, SL looks good in the eyes of fans, but it seems his happiness is with AW.

Consequently, AW forgot about her commitment to fitness and went back to the dining table. With SL in mind, heart, and bed, AW soon gained her lost fats. When people noticed her weight gain, AW just smiled and said she enjoys eating. No longer does body shaming bother her, as long as SL likes her a bit heavy.

Changes Out of Love
The colleagues of Dramatic Actor (DA) are amazed at his transformation in a matter of months. DA would be at his taping smelling fresh as a daisy and conscious of his looks and overall bearing. Such is a far cry from the times when he would merely go to his assignments without really caring much how his looks could not hide his lack of hygiene.

Over the years, DA developed bad health habits. Instead of keeping up with his grooming, he appeared as he wanted or as his roles demanded. Sometimes, he would say it’s part of getting into his character, but the thing is, his co-workers could not stand how some sort of smell would come from him. As polite as they are, no one could really say it straight to him until Lovely Woman (LW) entered his life.

When DA and LW met, they were smitten by each other. Both uncommitted at that time, they hit it off. However, LW was so different from the other women who were once linked to DA. LW was brutally honest. LW said pointblank that she liked DA but things have to change. LW pointed out that neatness is a must and DA must change his habits or else.

LW wants a neat man and he followed. First, DA made sure he had his hair always washed, trimmed, and combed. His nails have had to be cleaned and trimmed as well. Then, DA had to confront his fear and had to have his system checked. He sought a doctor who gave him proper advice on medication and diet to make sure his breath smells clean. Making sure he had mouthwash was something LW advised.


Next, his wardrobe habits changed, too. No longer does he wear unwashed clothes, socks included. His clothes are all arranged and no more repetition of already worn clothes.

Finally, a Marie Kondo moment happened. He had to clean up his pad, which some of his colleagues allegedly described as smelling like a dead rat. His sink would overflow with unwashed dishes as well. Today, such is a thing of the past. His pad is clean and neat. DA even hired a cleaner to make sure everything is spic-and-span and smells like eucalyptus.

Cupid must have aimed the arrow directly at DA’s heart. LW did what previous partners and friends could not do to DA. With DA following LW’s advice, he’s rewarded with her undivided and exclusive attention. Who knows, their exclusively dating status might even become more serious.

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