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AUDIO JUNKIE: Dane’s got game



Danish pop artist Christopher was in Manila last December as part of an Southeast Asian tour to promote two singles. Back then, his mainstream significance around these parts is being the guy who sang the hook chorus to “Twerk It Like Miley.”

That’s about to change with the release of his new album “Under The Surface.” As much fun as he had with “Twerk It..,” Christopher has a lot more depth than what the popular dance track let on.



Right off the bat, the singer displays his knack for clear, crisp lyric writing on “My Heart.” No vague metaphors here, just straight-on emotional exorcism. His melodies are memorable, if ever he sounds so slightly reminiscent of The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue, at least on this track.

On “Grow Up,” Christopher’s lyrics smack of realization. He sings “My Friends don’t call me anymore they say I’ve changed / but it’s my world that’s different, I’m still the same.” Ah, the pitfalls of living life as a popstar. Later on he croons: “For the first time in a long time, I’m being honest / Cause I really need to get this off my chest.”

On mid-tempoed “The Chancer,” the singer asks “Would you be my tiny dancer tonight?” referencing one of Elton John’s greatest songs while Christopher, himself, makes his case for a meaningful ballad for the modern times.

This guy is no slouch as a singer. A wicked falsetto and a solid melodic sense tinged with soul define his style.
On hot track “High,” he puts all elements into play and comes up with a catchy pop number that’s on potential repeat. More of that soul comes out on the old-school R&B feel of “Just Kiss Me.”

‘Under The Surface’ album art

‘Under The Surface’ album art

Then there’s previous single “Monogamy,” which shows off the singer’s dance leanings, while “Bad” is an Ed Sheeran-esque number. Last but not the least is “Irony,” whose gospel-flavored descending piano motif intro is appropriate as it is Christopher’s most soulful track sounding yet. In this self-reflective song, he manages to juxtapose his best intentions against his failures to stick to them.

Sample lyric: “I saw these awful things in a documentary / decided I would stop eating meat to save the planet/ ’til I was like damnit, I didn’t even last a week.’ And then later he sings ‘Nobody’s perfect under the surface / they’ll never see that side of me.”

This Dane’s got game.

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