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‘Stranded’ actors nix naysayers, prize privacy



“Stranded” lead stars Jessy Mendiola and Arjo Atayde have different ways of handling bashers and reverse ballyhoo.

Jessy recently slammed a netizen accusing her of being “mang-aagaw.” No, she won’t turn the other cheek.

“There’s nothing wrong with it (replying to bashers), especially if you want to clarify yourself. It’s more like explaining or letting the person know the truth,” she said. “We celebrities have feelings too. If an accusations is false, I will certainly tell you to get your facts straight.”

Jessy revealed in past interviews that she once struggled with depression triggered by cyber-bullying. It helps that her boyfriend, Luis Manzano, is what she called “insensitive” to naysayers, and so is she.

As for Arjo, he has been the subject of criticisms because of his growing closeness with Maine Mendoza. Apparently, the trolls want her for someone else, or at least anyone but him.


Unlike Jessy, Arjo doesn’t engage with what he calls “faceless people.”

“Wala akong pakialam sa kanila,” was how he put it.

Love matters

Blissful love life is what Jessy and Arjo have in common.

Jessy admitted she and Luis talk marriage, but they would rather keep mum about it to media.

“I guess Luis is the right person to ask about that,” she said. “I wouldn’t deny that we already have plans. The question na lang is when it will happen.”

The 26-year-old said Luis changed her view about life.

“He changed me for the better. He let me explore new things in life. He taught me to be communicative with other people. He’s really a good influence on me,” she said.

Arjo insisted he and Maine are only “exclusively dating” for now. He refused to give more details about their brewing romance, saying “what you see is what you get.”

Their supporters have created a fandom around them called “ArMaine.”

Arjo appreciates it but he says it was not their intention to have one.

“This is personal. Whatever is happening between us has nothing to do with showbiz.”

Career talk

Here is an observed difference: Arjo enjoys a fruitful career, having been busy with a teleserye and several movies lately.

Jessy, on the other hand, is seemingly not as visible on television these days as before.

“I’m very thankful, grateful for everything” said Arjo, then he revealed his plans of producing a film in the last quarter of the year.

As for her not getting enough projects, Jessy said she “understands” it.

“There are a lot of actors in ABS-CBN, and I guess it would not be right if the network gave me projects one after another. I know they are trying to groom all of us,” she said.

Though Jessy dismissed rumors that she will soon transfer to another network, she’s not closing her doors to the idea either.

“If there’s work there, why not? But right now, I’m still in touch with ABS-CBN so I guess it will not happen anytime soon.”

The actress believes it’s up to her how to stay relevant in this “trying times.”

That is why she decided to venture into business. She is also into vlogging, having launched recently her own beach wear line called SenoritaJ.ph.

“If you want to be productive, you should explore other things. So here I am. I’m very hands-on with this business. I design, I choose the color of the swimwear, not to mention that I’m the model also,” she said.

Rom-com movie

Talking about Regal Entertainment’s “Stranded,” Jessy and Arjo promised it is an “interesting” watch.

Jessy plays Julia, a woman who never imagined that one stormy night and meeting a stranger could change her life forever. Everything about her is stable; her career, her love life.

Arjo is Spencer who lives his life to the fullest, without direction. Upon being locked up in a building overnight, they discover things about themselves they never knew were there all along.

Julia thought she had everything planned, Spencer thought happiness is about being spontaneous. Julia’s long-suppressed longing for freedom, has a “to do list” on her notes, as shown in the trailer. She then gets them fulfilled by the spontaneous Spencer as they spend the night together, only the two of them.

SCENE FROM ‘Stranded’

SCENE FROM ‘Stranded’

Yet despite their huge differences, Julia and Spencer get attracted to one another. Julia and Spencer realize that even if they have opposing views on certain aspects of their lives, they still have some things in common, one is that they are searching for real happiness.

Julia believes a relationship is about commitment. Spencer is the happy-go-lucky guy and would rather be “free.” Are Julia and Spencer willing to make compromises when it comes to love? Are they prepared for the turning points that can change their lives forever?

Joining Jessy and Arjo in the cast are Miko Raval, Mich Liggayu, Miggy Marty, Pinky Amador, Johnny Revilla, and Gretchen Ho.

“Stranded” opens in theaters on April 10.

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