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Christian Bautista on traveling with wife, releasing one song at a time



Few months after tying the knot with Kat Ramnani, singer-actor Christian Bautista says he enjoys being a husband, even when it comes to traveling.



The subject was brought up with Holy Week upon us. With a laugh, he joked, “times two ang budget ’pag bakasyon.”

Then turning serious, the 37-year-old added things are different now for him as he has to plan things with the beloved wife instead of just by and for himself.

“You plan for both, like what you like and what she likes. What do we like to do, where we want to go, what we want to eat, where we want to stay, what are the activities we want to do together,” he related. “It’s all about ‘we’ now.”

Do they end up arguing at times?

“Of course there are days that we’re okay, there are days that we’re not. But at the end of the day, if you love each other, you settle those things through give and take,” he said. “It’s been a wonderful ride so far.”

But how about his career direction, has it changed too, we asked.

“I guess my understanding of love became deeper,” he revealed. “I mean, I believe marriage is not just a contract, it’s a commitment talaga. So, that is reflected on some of the songs I do now.”

CHRISTIAN WITH wife Kat Ramnani (Instagram)

CHRISTIAN WITH wife Kat Ramnani (Instagram)

Bursting with so much love, it’s safe to assume Christian might be inspired to write love songs.

“Well, yes, but sometimes musicians reach a point when they feel burnt out. Like, we feel we don’t want to do music because of writer’s block that could last for a week, for months, or even for years. That’s why collaboration is important too because you ask for help to have fresh ideas,” he said.

“Or sometimes other artists prefer traveling and searching for themselves. But in the end, whatever your way is, what’s important is to gather inspiration for you to write again.”

Christian remembers a time when a single artist would have a catalogue of hits. But with social media producing new artists literally by the second, it’s most difficult to enjoy that these days.

“I guess you will just have to keep on producing songs and releasing songs and hopefully people will appreciate it,” he said. “Good thing, now, the best indicator is through the Spotify playlist or iTunes chart where you could see which song is most effective.”

He cited UDD’s “Tadhana” which has been on the list for year’s on end. Christian also cited the most recent songs hits by December Avenue.

“But, yes, it’s really hard to keep the hits coming. There will always be new songs and listeners find out new kinds of music they like.”

Asked if it was hard for him to have a follow-up to his biggest hit “The Way You Look At Me,” Christian shook his head.

“So there’s actually a waves of opportunity that you need to follow,” he said. “I strike while the iron is hot.”

His latest song is “Aking Mahal,” the official theme song of GMA’s “The Crown Princess.” Is more on the way, perhaps even an album?

“I don’t know yet because the process is so different now. Like, you release a single and see where it goes compared to old school style when they would release 10 songs at a time from an album,” he said.

If anything, Christian, is bullish about the future, especially now that he has renewed his contract with Universal Records.

“I’m excited over what’s next.”

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