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No more soap for Echo



With seeming finality, actor Jericho Rosales said it’s time for him to quit doing teleseryes.

Jericho Rosales

Jericho Rosales

“I’ve been doing soaps for 23 years now, and I don’t want to do it anymore,” he declared in a recent interview.

He doesn’t feel it would be a problem at all.

“Is that a problem for me? No. Do I want to stop TV? No. It’s a time for me to challenge myself, to create something new for myself. Hopefully it works.

“What’s a different kind of TV show? There’s digital. We don’t know where things are going. It’s a season when each actor can create, direct, produce, write work for himself.”

Working on “Halik” which airs its finale episode few days from now, Jericho shared the dynamics of his work.

“I don’t want to accept things as they are. I’ve always changed something. I respect the writers, I respect the creative. I am a black and white person I may be sweet but I can say no, please. But after that you’ll know that you’re my friend. If I can talk to you professionally, you are my friend,” he said.

“All that is in my heart is respect for my co-worker. But every time we have a scene, I see something different. We were given responsibility to create a character,” he said.

He’s happy that on “Halik,” he is given free rein to do his thing even “rewrite certain things, rewrite lines.”

“Sometimes, our director even allows us to block ourselves, to express and that’s something magical. It is borne out of humility, acceptance and collaboration and those things are important.”

Jericho praised how the production takes to improvisation on the set.

“The most beautiful scenes that came out were because of improv (improvisation). Improv here, improv there. Improv is the best thing that happened to everybody on our set. We are so blessed that our director acts as a guide too. The script is here. We all know it’s a soap opera but no one treated it as a soap opera. If we are talking about people watching on TV, everyone has an opinion about marriage. You are not creating a soap opera, you are creating a guide.”

Change of heart
The actor revealed why he is having this change in career trajectory.

“There are jeepney drivers, security guards who approach me and ask, ‘When will you do action?’ When will you do Panday (movie) or Pacquiao. Don’t cry (and do drama) anymore, they would say.

“With the availability of iWant, Netflix, and other digital platforms, I feel I have so much more to do that’s genuinely new.

“But not to stop acting — I will never stop acting. It’s just that I can also get into producing, writing, directing,” he said.

Jericho has already been asked by Business Unit Head Ruel S. Bayani to direct a project.

“He has been asking me to direct but I told him to give me time to collect my thoughts muna. They have welcomed me into the creative team. This time, it is my responsibility to repackage myself, do something new.

“I’ve been toying with this idea to stop doing soap operas but ‘Legal Wife’ came and then ‘Magpahanggang Wakas’ and later on, ‘Halik.’

“If you understand what I am saying, it is not because I don’t want to do soaps anymore, that I am tired of being in the industry. Actualy, no. I am actually inspired and excited to work with something new.”

(FROM LEFT): Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion, Yen Santos and Jericho

(FROM LEFT): Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion, Yen Santos and Jericho

Meanwhile, more intense confrontations and notable clapbacks will amp up the excitement of viewers every night as Lino (Jericho), Jade (Yam Concepcion), Jacky (Yen Santos), and Ace (Sam Milby) face their toughest battle yet to claim their desired love and right in the last two weeks of top-trending series “Halik.”

Viewers are in for more infuriating scenes as Jade and Ace put all their schemes to work to escape from the authorities and take baby CJ away from Lino. But, Lino will do everything to reunite with his son and make sure his enemies will rot in jail while having Jacky by his side, who vows to support him until the end.

But just as they thought things could not get any worse, Jade and Jacky’s lives will be put in danger, which will cause a major shift in Lino’s fight for justice. Despite the possibility of lives being lost with his vicious tactics, Ace will continue with his plans of revenge against Lino whom he thinks made his life miserable.

Who will win in their battle? To whom will they give their last kiss?

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