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FASHION PULIS: Must Follow Rules



One of the in-things now is the wearing of face masks, not just for health reasons but to hide identities as well. Thus, if one can recognize the eyes, then a celebrity hiding behind the mask becomes futile unless such person is not known by the public, which is what happened to Hot Talent (HT).


When HT went to a bank to encash a cheque, he put on a face mask after the guard conducted the usual security check. Apparently, HT hid his face to avoid people wanting to get a selfie with him. The bank already knows his attitude of feeling like a famous celebrity even if he is considered a budding talent.

As soon as he was called by the assigned teller, who was new in the bank, HT was requested to remove his face mask as per protocol and to present an ID. HT removed his face mask. Subsequently, HT asked the teller if she did not recognize him. He continued to rub it in by saying that he was an actor of a big network, a lead in an ongoing series, and the boyfriend of a Female Celebrity (FC). The teller was unmoved and asked for an ID, which she explained was bank protocol.

The bank manager could not be disturbed, as she was talking with other clients. Thus, HT could not do anything to change the mind of the teller. Again, the teller said that an ID was needed. HT said his ID was in the car, but the teller was firm. HT had to call FC, who was waiting in the car to bring his ID. Meanwhile, the line was getting longer and people waiting for their turn were already mumbling.

When FC approached the counter with the ID, HT told the teller that perhaps she already recognized her. The teller said that she does not look familiar and that it did not matter. What she needed was his ID. Obviously embarrassed, FC was irritated and said that he would return to the bank to withdraw all his money and move to another bank that would be more accommodating. As HT was leaving, some clients in line booed him for showing arrogance and delaying the process.

‘There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.’ —John C. Maxwell

Exciting Dare
During a shoot out of town, young actors decided to explore their boundaries. The movie is said to be about summer and, thus, the boys have to look their best and show off their abs. While some of them are just eye-candy, others can indeed act, and some have secrets they will not dare reveal.


After a tough day of filming in the beach area, the production team called it a night and left the young male leads drinking. Soon, Young Hunk 1 (YH1) and Young Hunk 2 (YH2) decided to sleep ahead of the others. Young Hunk 3 (YH3), Young Hunk 4 (YH4), and Young Hunk 5 (YH5) continued drinking.

In their room, which they thought would give them privacy, they seemed to have found a connection. YH3 started to make his move. He told YH4 that his lips were kissable. YH4 dared him to try.

As YH5 witnessed what was happening, he began doing something not printable here. Eventually, they did the “dance.”

Unknown to them, the head of production, who was in the next room, was hearing their conversations. Out of curiosity, he stepped out of his room and peeked at the window. His hunch was right. The three were birds of the same feather!

At breakfast, the head was shocked that no awkwardness was shown by the three young hunks. Instead of discomfort, the three seemed to have bonded well after their previous night’s escapade.

‘That we may not fall short of desire, but let us give way to the unspoken passion hidden in the closet of our discretion. (“Crépuscule du désir”)’ —Erik Pevernagie

Monitoring Behavior
Sometime ago, Versatile Talent (VT) was among the most promising talents of a certain network. Although he was beaming with talent in performing solo, being paired with Female Talent (FT) brought out even a better side. VT and FT had much potential and fans loved the two performing together. The network thought it had a gold mine, but loyalty is cheap and VT dropped out of circulation, leaving the network and FT back to square one.

After his hiatus, VT reemerged and this time, he was paired off with New Partner (NP). FT and NP were equally talented and the reel pair was pressured to become real. Denial after denial, the two did not admit to anything real, except when personal circumstances that were made public unintentionally hinted that they were indeed together.

Unfortunately, their professional careers did not move as expected. Although they had a following, the fans were not enough to ensure the success of their project.

In time, VT and NP parted ways. As NP was starting to regain her image, nothing was heard about VT. Due to what happened to him and NP, he looks lethargic and when he’s home, he’d rather be alone. His elders worry about him and have told his friends to keep an eye out for him.

‘Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.’ —Joyce Meyer

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