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Joyce Pring releases ‘Baka Sakali,’ reveals inspiration behind the song

'I had this hope in my heart that I’d actually find someone worth risking everything for and then it just so happened that the timing was right.'



Few know that host-actress Joyce Pring is also a singer, music being her first love. In fact, in 2014, she released the song “Tulala. ”

Five years later, Joyce returns to her first love with “Baka Sakali” which she wrote with no less than rock icon Rico Blanco.

At her recent press conference, Joyce said the track is about stumbling upon hope right on the brink of giving up.
She shared that at some point in life, she let go of love because she got jaded.



But things have changed since.

“Now, you know, I’m so happy I live such a beautiful life because of the people I’m surrounded with. The work I do is so fulfilling. And if I had felt I didn’t want to take a chance on people anymore, at least not romantically, late last year may humabol,” she said without saying the guy’s name.

“I remember writing this song after I moved to this apartment I rent now and I was like ‘Alam mo baka sakali naman it will work out this time around.’ Maybe I’ll give it one last shot and then if it doesn’t work, I’m gonna live with my dog Bowie alone in a mountainous area somewhere.”

Love, actually?

In recent months, actor Juancho Trivino has been vocal about his admiration for Joyce.

So was it difficult for her to write the song or did it go smoothly since it has personal meaning, we asked.

“It’s one of those songs that kind of wrote itself. And I think any artist would agree with me there are songs that you sit down and you think of what to write or you actually need to give time and effort to compose one. But this is one of those songs that when I sat down, I already have an idea what to write.”

Joyce got inspiration from Juancho’s Instagram post where he wrote he’ll always be by her side.

“We weren’t dating that time. We were just friends and du’n nanggaling ’yung ‘Dito ka lang sa aking tabi, baka sakali, baka naman.’ Because I was like, ‘Oo nga baka naman, if I stay by your side, if I spend enough then maybe I could give it another shot.’ And so that was the process of it,” she shared.

“I had this hope in my heart that I’d actually find someone worth risking everything for and then it just so happened that the timing was right.”

So is it safe to say Juancho is one of the inspirations?

“It’s safe to say that Juancho is the main beneficiary of the major inspiration,” she said, laughing.

‘Baka Sakali’ single art

‘Baka Sakali’ single art

“But you know, as I mentioned, I think it’s also hope in the sense that I lost hope not just for romantic love. I lost hope for making music because I was, like, I’m busy. I do so many things and I’m still a frustrated dancer – that’s still the one thing that I feel like I could pursue. I’m hosting and I’m doing so many great opportunities that are given to me by GMA so parang sabi ko ‘Okay na ’wag na nating gawin ’yun,” she recalled.

Joyce hosts morning newscast show “Unang Hirit,” online newscast “Stand For Truth,” and “Kapuso Artistambayan.”
Asked if she thinks love is beneficial for her as she’s been blooming recently, Joyce had only this to say.

“I think having anybody who supports you and takes care of you is beneficial,” she explained. “I feel like he (Juancho) is one of the most supportive people in my life right now, one of my best friends also and he loves and takes care of my friends and my family the way that I love and take care of them. So, it really helps and I don’t want to kind of limit it to just romantic love.

“I mean not just your partner. I feel like if you have a friend, family, or loved ones like Juancho, who supports and loves you without asking for anything in return, you’ll really bloom and you’ll really grow as an individual.”
If anything, Joyce is just happy there is an avenue for her to express herself, which is through music.

She shared that whether happy or sad, she still writes songs.

“I actually have a lot of sad songs that I’ve written but I haven’t released them precisely because I feel like those are personal experiences for me. And once I release them to other people, it’s open for scrutiny. And I’m just not sure if I’m brave enough to do that yet,” she revealed.

According to her, it might be the reason it was easy for her to release a hopeful song.

“I mean, I feel like it’s going to be easier for me to stand in the future and be like ‘Yeah, I wrote that when I’m in love or when I when I need to hold or I give people chances.’ But then when you say that ‘I wrote this during difficult time in my life and going through hard times’ parang mas mahirap siyang panindigan.

“I guess I’m not yet brave enough and I actually admire the artists who are doing that, who are capable of being that vulnerable,” she said.

‘Sleepy’ songs

When is the perfect time for her to write music?

“I like writing when I’m kinda sleeply. I feel most of the songs I like are those I wrote during that time; you know, that in between state of you just about to fall asleep and then you have that great idea. That’s when I write things down so I always have a notebook where I write down my notes. That’s my magic hour, I guess if you ask me.
“But anytime that I spend on my own or any time that I spend after watching something inspirational — whether it’s a beautiful movie or a musical play or a gig or if I’m hosting one of these things like a single launch or an album launch I get so inspired by these amazing artists who actually make music for a living — so that sometimes is my magic hour. Right after work, I’ll go home, go straight to my piano, and write.”

She noted that her song is basically about “new beginning.”

Joyce hopes to release an album and hold a concert in time.

“It’s (concert) actually my dream. I dream of going down from above while wearing a harness then I’m singing while doing some acrobatics tricks,” she said, laughing.

“That’s one of the things on my bucket list, so hopefully by next year for my birthday that’s what we’ll do. In the mean time I’m just focusing on ‘Baka Sakali’ and the other music that I will be releasing for the rest of the year.”

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