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GOSSIP GIRL: Untold story behind Lance Raymundo’s healing



Lance Raymundo

Lance Raymundo

We recently celebrated at our transparochial church the Oasis of Love Fiesta. It’s a yearly gathering wherein celebrities offer thanksgiving for their success in show business.

This year, I was joined by Ina Raymundo thanking God for her award, and Lance Raymundo thanking God for his new lease in life. Lance’s near-fatal accident happened five years ago but he never divulged the healing and miracle that happened, thinking people might freak out if he does.

“I was picked to play the role of Jesus Christ in a play. On top of the usual things that actors do — script memorization, internalising character — I had to physical prepare for the role,” the singer-songwriter began.

“So, I went to the gym and told my trainer, I need to look the part. He gave me a program which I even called ‘The Calvary Workout’ because of the intention behind it.

“During one of my workouts, I was in supine position on the bench, with a dumbbell on each hand. I was doing the Fly workout when someone engaged my trainer in small talk. When my trainer was about to get back to me, he somehow lost his balance, knocked over the 105 lbs. barbell that was a few feet above me. It landed right onto my face! It hit my eyes, nose, and it embedded onto my face.

“I initially felt nothing though I knew it was a severe situation because everyone around me was panicking. Then I noticed that I could not see with my left eye, and that I could not sit up as I sort of lost my equilibrium. I can hear my trainer crying, and people panicking. Total strangers carried me off to the car and drove me to the hospital.

“But before hauling me out of the gym, I called for the trainer and told him I forgive him. I also told him that if I die, he shouldn’t ruin his life over it as it was just an accident and I know he didn’t want it to happen.”

Lance continued: “To me, finding the strength to forgive someone was the greatest manifestation of God’s presence and love during this ordeal. I think forgiving the trainer was what really saved me. When I released him from my anger, my mind, heart, and spirit turned calm and peaceful that my body cooperated. I could have died right there due to blood loss, which would have escalated if I was panicking because my heart would have pumped faster. But because I was so calm, my blood loss subsided and wounds clotted faster than usual.”

On his way to the hospital, Lance kept thinking of his family to somehow trick his mind into not dwelling on the pain.

“Sleeping was discouraged during my critical period because I might fall into a coma. The accident cracked the front part of my skull exposing my brain to air and fluid so that put me in a lot of risk. My family kept a vigil on my bedside to keep me company. A day and a half after my accident, I was already feeling very sleepy. Mom was seated next to my bed and she was also feeling very tired. I told Mom that staying awake might make me weaker so I said, ‘Let’s just put our trust in God.’ We said a prayer together and then allowed ourselves some rest.

Before and after (above) accident

Before and after (above) accident

The singer-actor claimed: “As soon as I closed my eyes, I noticed I was no longer in my room. My first thought was that I was dreaming (you know that kind of dream when you are aware you are dreaming?).

“But then one thing happened that made me wonder if I was already dead: I was in an open space — really vast space, with no walls and just the ground — then someone approached me.

“When he stood in front of me, I saw that he’s the enhanced version of me… like a younger, fresher me. So I figured I was most likely dead. Then all of a sudden an energy began communicating with me. It wasn’t a voice… it was information directly being absorbed by my brain from the vast space around me… and it wasn’t my own mind speaking because it just kept communicating on its own that’s why it seemed like a big powerful voice.

“It said, ‘Your suffering and loss will only be for six days. I will give you back everything on the 7th day.’

“Well, that information did not seem feasible at all because I remember overhearing the doctors say that if I get lucky to live past the next two days, it would take a long time before I can undergo surgery because the swelling was too intense. They believed nothing can be done in less than 35 days or more. So, seven days? Impossible.”

Lance asked the “voice” why he would give back his life and what his mission was once restored, but it gave no answer. Instead, the singer-actor found himself back on his hospital bed, wide awake.

“I looked to the side of my bed and saw my mom still sleeping. I told myself it was all just a dream but then suddenly, the voice said ‘You are not dreaming.’ When I asked for proof, it replied, ‘If you can sit up on your own then you will know everything is real.’”

Though in extreme pain, Lance did manage to sit up. It was a miracle.

The singer-actor said that the next day, doctors were shocked to find out that all the reasons he could not undergo surgery have gone. They immediately scheduled me to go under the knife.”

As we all know, Lance healed completely.

And the day he asked to look at himself in the mirror, he saw the exact face of himself in his dream. More, when he asked his mom the date, Lance realized it’s exactly seven days since he had that dream.

“When I was guided to the bathroom and faced the mirror, I can humbly say God opened my spiritual eyes. I was looking at my reflection and I saw beauty in its truest form as it was the reflection of a human that escaped death. A human that was deformed on the outside but made whole within.

“I looked into my heart and saw that all the love is intact. I looked around me and I knew I’m loved.”

Lance said that if he didn’t accept God in his heart and had he not forgiven the trainer, things might have turned out differently.

“I’m so grateful that God’s love allows me to view the world from a more spiritual perspective. I’d like to stress to everyone that we should never allow any physical or material shortcomings to stop us from being the best we can be in this world.”

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