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Lea Salonga airs view on abortion amid ban in certain US state



Days after the Alabama government passed a near-total ban on abortion, many people, including celebrities, have voiced out their stance on the issue.

Eva Longoria (Photo by Loic Venance/AFP)

Eva Longoria (Photo by Loic Venance/AFP)

On an AFP article, American actress-activist Eva Longoria claimed restrictive abortion laws passed in the American states Alabama and Missouri are a threat to women. Some of her colleagues staged a protest against the bans on the Cannes red carpet over the weekend.

“What’s happening in Alabama is so important in the world,” the “Desperate Housewives” star said, referring to the United States’ state of Alabama which has banned terminations even in the case of rape or incest. “It’s going to affect everybody if we don’t pay attention.”

Longoria, a pro-choice Catholic, warned of a “domino effect” with a dozen other Republican-controlled U.S. states seeking to restrict the rights of women to abortion.

Last year, the Latina actress produced the Netflix documentary “Reversing Roe” which showed how pro-life groups are mounting a major push to overturn the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in 1973.

Her comments come as Spanish star Penelope Cruz joined a group of actresses led by Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rossi de Palma, and French director Claire Denis, in staging a red carpet protest for abortion rights.

The gathering was originally meant to support the Argentinian documentary, “Let It Be Law,” which premiered May 18, in the festival’s official selection.

It tells the story of the struggle for women’s rights in the huge, largely Catholic Latin American country, which has become bitterly divided over abortion.

‘Quid pro quo’
In the Philippines, awarded theater actress Lea Salonga shared her two cents on the matter.



Known for being outspoken, the 48-year-old earned the ire of some netizens, following her Instagram post of a quote card that read: “Against abortion? Have a vasectomy.”

The message came with the caption: “There. Problem solved. #SnarkySaturday.”

One follower replied: “Or the woman could get her tubes tied…sick of this man bashing stuff.”

Lea answered: “Vasectomies are reversible. And last I checked, only men can get women pregnant.”

Another commented, “Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I disagree with you on this one, Lea. Everytime a woman chooses abortion, a life, not hers is ended. We may disagree on when life begins. But that ‘clump of cells’ is a human being in the making.”

With this, Lea made clear she’s not “an advocate of abortion” but would like to think that “I have the autonomy to decide what I can do for myself and my health care.”

She expounded: “It’s not up to me to decide what is right for another woman. Sure I have a uterus, but it’s not up to me to make difficult choices for other women whose lives will differ from mine. That is all. As for this post, it’s snarky. White men have chosen to control women’s bodies, hence they’ve opened the door for women to control theirs. Quid pro quo. That is all.”

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