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FASHION PULIS: Concerned about her survival



When Outspoken Mother (OM) learned of the alleged controversial activities of Favored Daughter (FD), she decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with her and face the issue once and for all. As FD is not getting younger, OM felt things have to be resolved to ensure FD will have focus and live a fulfilling life.

But first, OM had to accept several truths about FD. One is that FD blamed OM for her wayward ways. OM was busy with her work and failed to spend time with FD.

(Illustrations by Rod Cañalita)

(Illustrations by Rod Cañalita)

After their talk, FD felt relieved and OM recommended for her to undergo therapy.

As FD followed OM, she needed to keep away from distractions and was advised to focus on her relationship with Cute Boyfriend (CB). Supportive of FD’s choice, OM decided to continue helping out FD to live the life she wanted.

OM realized that the business venture of FD was not moving as expected. Given that she is wealthy and is a good handler of finances, she offered help to FD. OM assured FD that she can enjoy her life without worrying about where to get the next meal or the money to spend on special things. True to her role in OM’s heart, FD can live life a princess, thanks to her mother.

‘How we present ourselves at any given time is dependent on the situation. We constantly balance the tension of high aspirations with the pragmatism of realistic expectations. The key is to represent ourselves in such a way that we can fulfill the expectations we create.’ —Marian Deegan

Can’t get away with it
Although Unmindful Celebrity (UC) has many followers and wide popularity, her network has decided to clamp down on her operations.

UC is online savvy and has mastered how to make the Internet work for her. Her followers love her posts.


But one day, UC received a warning from the network, as her frequent posts have preempted their shows. Moreover, her feeds were done during work time, which means that while she is being paid for network work, she’s busy making posts for her sites, which generate income as well.

When UC showed up to meet the higher bosses, she was cordial and jovial. She initially humored her way to the bosses in an attempt to charm them. First, she claimed that she was actually promoting the shows. Second, she said her clout can result in more viewers for the network.

Unfortunately, her excuses did not budge the executives, as they told her that the network does not need her clout. Rather, she’s the one using the clout of being part of the network. Hence, she was given a memo. If UC will not be around in her shows, then the memo might have included certain sanctions that limited her presence.

‘People are stubborn about what they perceive to be the right thing or the wrong thing, and it takes a long time to filter this human condition. There’s a waiting period until people catch up. But if you have patience – which it takes when someone thinks differently from you – everybody always catches up. That patience is a wonderful virtue.’ —Johnny Mathis

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