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Love wins: How Kathryn and Daniel made a way to see each other even when circumstances separated them



To be away from your significant other – even just for a week or two – is difficult as Kathryn Bernardo found out while shooting “Hello, Love, Goodbye” abroad.

Well, thanks to her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, loneliness was short-lived as the young actor made a surprise visit to Hong Kong where she was filming her upcoming movie with Alden Richards a couple of months ago.

That adorable KathNiel moment was captured on social media and there was no shortage of oohs and aahs from their fans.

At a press conference, Kathryn talked about how she missed Daniel so much.

KATHRYN BERNARDO and Daniel Padilla (Instagram)

KATHRYN BERNARDO and Daniel Padilla (Instagram)

“When Inang (Cathy Garcia-Molina offered me the project, she already told me that it’s possible that I will be paired with Alden Richards. I told DJ (Daniel’s nickname) that news right away,” she shared. “I also explained to him that I will be gone for a while since we had to shoot in Hong Kong.

“It was really an adjustment for the both of us since we’d been together… we’d been working together for almost seven years. We really had to adjust. Thankfully, DJ is very supportive of me.”

The young actress recalled crying during her first week abroad. She called up Daniel every chance she got. She would tell stories him how her day went – simply updating him about everything.

“He was worried about me. It’s really hard for me to be away from him. The good thing is he already met Alden, then I’m with mama so he was sure I’m in good hands,” she shared.

If there’s one thing she learned from their brief separation, it is trust.


Actually, it was intended for them to be “separated” – at least just for a day or two.

Kathryn revealed that her phone was confiscated so she won’t able to talk to Daniel.

“It was torture,” she quipped. “Communication is very important for DJ so I didn’t know what to do when they confiscated my phone.”

Director Cathy Garcia-Molina explained why she did it.

“You know, Kathryn has been an actress since she was a kid. She came from a nice family, she never experienced the pain of OFWs,” she said. “I told her that ‘I won’t be nice to you.’ You need to feel that pain so you can portray your role better. She can’t just give me acting. So that’s we came up with that idea. She needed to be away from Daniel in order to feel the struggles of OFWs.”

Of course, Kathryn didn’t complain, saying Cathy’s method really helped her.

Here’s another funny story: The day Daniel planned to visit Kathryn was the same day they had to shoot one of the most complicated, delicate scenes of the movie.

So when Cathy learned of his arrival, she called him right away.



“I told him, ‘You cannot come today! Change your flight,’” she shared. “But Daniel wasn’t able to change your flight so I just said to him that when you arrived in Hong Kong, make sure to come to me ‘cause I’m going to hide you. I don’t want Kathryn to be distracted.”

“And then I told everyone, the crew, other actors to not tell Kathryn that DJ was there. Kinuntsaba ko pa nanay ni Kath!” she laughed. “Parang kaming mga ewan no’n. And Daniel kept on asking me, ‘Tapos na po ba (ang shooting)?” Ano pong pwede kong gawin dito (habang nag-hihintay)? I told him: “Magluto ka ng pancit canton!”

After more than 10 hours of waiting, Daniel finally met his girlfriend.

“After all the super heavy scene, seeing Daniel was really the ‘reward’ for me,” she smiled.

As it turned out, Daniel was not the only one who made a surprise visit in Hong Kong. Edward Barber did too and Maymay Entrata wasn’t able to contain her happiness.

EDWARD BARBER and Maymay Entrata (Instagram)

EDWARD BARBER and Maymay Entrata (Instagram)

‘Dream come true’

Daniel was able to meet Kathryn’s leading men in “Hello, Love, Goodbye.”

Alden himself attested how much a good man Daniel is.

“He even congratulated us,” he revealed.

Alden is not the first GMA-7 actor who collaborated with ABS-CBN for a project. He is thankful for the opportunity.

According to him, he is a fan of Direk Cathy and being able to work with her is a “dream come true.”



“As a GMA actor, it’s really overwhelming for me to be here in ABS-CBN,” he admitted. “But I’m really thankful to my network for letting me do this project.”

Alden admires Kathryn’s passion for acting.

“After 10 hours of shooting, I saw that she’s really game for more. As someone who is also very passionate about acting, I admire her dedication. It’s really nice working with her.

Based on the trailer’s online Kathryn and Alden’s characters are Joy and Ethan, respectively. She is a helper, while he is bartender.

SCENE FROM 'Hello, Love, Goodbye'

SCENE FROM ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’

Also in the cast are Kakai Bautista, Joross Gamboa, Jameson Blake, and Lovely Abella.

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” hits cinemas nationwide on July 31.

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