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Angie Mead King does her thing with zing



Three years since she came out as a transgender woman, Angie Mead King continues to empower members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community (LGBTQ).

Angie Mead King

Angie Mead King

Angie recalled in an interview that her coming out to family and friends was through social media. She eventually decided to address it publicly with the support of her loving wife, Joey Mead.

The businesswoman-car enthusiast received more support and positive remarks than backlash. from the public.

“Honestly, I don’t know why. But I’m grateful that the reception is good rather than having haters. I have bashers, too, but I ignore them because I don’t know them anyway. I also don’t understand how some have so much hatred when we don’t even know each other. Why do you hate me? Just because I’m different?” Angie said in an interview at her restaurant Wok2Go with new branch at Double Dragon Plaza.

The criticisms don’t stop Angie from showing her true self and advocating for the rights of LGBTQ. After coming out, Angie has engaged in more businesses, car shows, and she also attends talks for the community.

“I don’t hurt anyone. I even help the community. I’m thankful that there are more supporters,” she said.

Angie, together with her celebrity friends, attended the recent 2019 Metro Manila Pride March held in Marikina City. Among those who came with her were Nadine Lustre, Iza Calzado, Janine Gutierrez, BJ Pascual, and Samantha Lee. More than 70,000 people joined the said event that fights discrimination.

“It was super crazy, very memorable. They didn’t know that I was bringing celebrities with me so we just kept it quiet. We wanted that element of surprise. We hired security. Thankfully, during the procession, the celebrities also had a great experience even if it was raining. My power is to bring groups for a cause. It was successful what we did. I think more would want to join next year,” Angie said.

She hopes those championing the bill protecting the LGBTQ community from discrimination would succeed.

“I hope every city implements that. We need a senate to pass the bill, saying that it’s an official law that you cannot be discriminated based on your gender.”

Caitlyn calling
She also recalled how she met Olympic gold winner and transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner recently. Both passionate with cars, Angie has a wide collection and also joins races.

“It was serendipity how I met Caitlyn. We were at a parking lot of a car show and she went to us and asked who owns the car. I said, ‘It’s my car.’ We have the same purple car. I introduced myself and told her that I just came out. Instantly, she gave me her cellphone and said, ‘Put your number,’” she said.

They hit it off instantly as friends. How do they bond?

“We had breakfast together and ever since then, we’ve been good friends. Every time I go to LA, I can call her for dinner and some updating. I also help her in her foundation and cause. But most of the time, we’re just having fun,” she said.

Latest endeavor
For the restaurant Wok2Go that targets people on-the-go who like to eat fresh and healthy choices, Angie partnered with her best friend of 30 years, Kim Garcia.

“When I was younger, Sparky’s was my favorite place for after-hours. I remembered clearly that it has a rice-in-a box concept. It’s in the middle of nowhere. We decided to save all the hassle out and create this concept that I personally enjoy a lot. The sauces are the key ingredient. There are other wok style establishments but I think our main selling point is how we package the flavor together. And that is what we strive hard to be consistent with,” she said.

Angie with Kim Garcia

Angie with Kim Garcia

Regular customers who are familiar with Wok2Go’s green initiatives show up at the restaurant with their water bottles in hand.

“From the start, we tried to do away with plastic. We’re conscious about these things. We don’t sell drinks in plastic bottles, not even mineral water,” says Kim in a release.

All their utensils are made of bamboo and their take-out materials are all paper.

And as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, Wok2Go has committed to donate ₱10 to two institutions, this started in June 2018 and is set to go on as long as Wok2Go operates.

The fund is shared by the Philippine School for the Deaf and the Philippine National School for the Blind.

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