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MOVIEGOER: Talking about sound, lighting, camera work, film in general



JUST A THOUGHT: ‘Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.’ —Anne Frank

• • •
A picture is a picture. An image is an image.

How can a layman with an untrained eye in cinematography tell the difference between a good image from one that is bad?

Awarded filmmaker and ace cinematographer Raymond Red said the better image is the one that helps the director tell the story.

A good cinematographer, says Red, is one who goes beyond framing the scenes well, or lighting them well, but actually assists the director in moving the story forward.

These days, cinematographers go by the lofty title Director of Photography, an improvement which seems just fine for this veteran filmmaker.

Red was one of nine speakers during a one-day seminar on film appreciation conducted by MOWELFUND (Movie Workers Welfare Foundation) for the executive committee of the MMFF.


Held July 2 at the Tama Ng Cinema at the agency’s Cubao complex currently being bulldozed to give way to high-end housing units, the seminar exposed committee members and other MMFF staff to the rudiments and principles of filmmaking.

• • •
Different areas of movie-making, from production design to management, were tackled by experts in their fields.

In his short talk, sound engineer Arri Trofeo stressed that sound is one half of a pleasant movie experience.

Sadly, he said, sound design is treated merely as an afterthought in the scheme of things in local filmmaking.

“It gets noticed at a later stage, during post-production, when people realize what bad sound they have captured,’’ he said.

Trofeo cautioned against efforts to revert to the use of live sound in films.

“Ours has become a very noisy society that it’s very hard to manage sound.’’

• • •
Experts who spoke on their fields of expertise included Joey Reyes (scriptwriting), Joel Lamangan (directing), Boots Anson-Rodrigo (acting), musical scoring (Jaime Fabregas), Manny Morfe (production design), etc.

Boots, MOWELFUND president, said the seminar is meant to equip filmfest committee members with skills in appreciating film work. The seminar is in preparation for the 45th edition of MMFF in December.

The event coincides with the centenary of Philippine cinema.

MMFF Chair Danilo Lim said MMFF is marking the year-round celebration through film seminars and caravans to develop talents of young people interested in a career in films.

Recently, MMFF, led by Mr. Lim, honored the producers and cast of last year’s best picture, “Rainbow’s Sunset,” which won awards at the 52nd Annual WorldFest in Houston, Texas.

Lim also urged producers to create more “quality and innovative” film entries that can make their mark in the world market.

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