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EXO blows away Manila in nights of absolute fun, frenzy

Thank you for your unending, unchanging love. Do you know that you are like vitamins to us EXO?’



From Suho going shirtless and Sehun’s “walang uuwi” quip, to Kai’s sexy “Confession” number, Pinoy fans were treated to two nights of pure entertainment as K-pop boy band EXO held their concerts in Manila.

EXO at their Manila concert (Photos by Jonathan Hicap)

EXO at their Manila concert (Photos by Jonathan Hicap)

About 20,000 EXO-Ls filled the Mall of Asia Arena to watch EXO’s “Planet #5: The EXplOration” concerts on Aug. 23 and 24 with Bulletin Entertainment covering both shows. Manila was the third stop of the tour after Seoul and Hong Kong. Originally, the Manila concert was for one day only but due to requests by fans, a second day was added.

It’s been more than a year since EXO held their last concert in Manila, “The EℓyXiOn,” on April 28, 2018, and fans were absolutely thrilled to see their idols again.

Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun, Kai, Chen, and Baekhyun opened the concert with the triple treat “Tempo,” “Transformer,” and “Gravity.”

After this, Baekhyun took to the stage for his solo spot “UN Village,” the carrier single of his first solo mini-album “City Lights” released last July.

“Long time no see, Philippines! It’s been a long time. I miss you. We miss you, Philippines. Manila EXO-Ls are so smart and also beautiful! The atmosphere here is hotter than I thought,” leader Suho greeted the crowd.

Sehun said, “I’ve been here alone to travel. You guys know that? That’s how much I like the Philippines but coming here to perform, I think that’s twice more good.”

The concert showcased songs from their different albums, and solo and unit stages that highlighted their individual talents.

EXO performed more than 20 songs that also included “24/7,” “Love Shot,” “Ooh La La La,” “Monster,” “Oasis,” “Falling For You,” “Wait,” “Power,” “Bad Dream,” Damage,” “Growl,” “Overdose,” “Call Me Baby,” “Unfair,” “On The Snow,” and “Smile On My Face.”

For the solo stages, Suho performed “Been Through” while Kai rendered “Confession,” both sexy numbers that elicited loud cheers from the crowd. Chen had his “Lights Out” while EXO-SC, composed of Sehun and Chanyeol, performed “What A Life” and “Closer To You.”

Suho thanked fans for coming to the show, saying, “It’s been a while since I came here in the Philippines. Thank you for your unending, unchanging love. Do you guys know that you are like vitamins to us, EXO? Are we like vitamins to you also?”

EXO opens the show with ‘Tempo’

EXO opens the show with ‘Tempo’

On the first day, Baekhyun noticed that Pinoy EXO-Ls “were wearing matching clothes” with Chen guessing “probably the Filipino flag.”

The fan project, led by EXO Philippines and supported by Globe, called for dress code and banner assignments per section in the arena. Fans were wearing red, blue, white and yellow clothes just like the colors in the Philippine flag. Fans also held banners carrying the messages “In the Name of Love, EXO” and “EXO, I Love You.”

“Even in the Korean flag there is red, blue and white. We are all one,” said Chanyeol.

Globe K-mmunity PH and Ultimate Stan Search
Before the show, fans bought EXO merchandise at the Globe K-mmunity Store inside the arena. On the second floor were the Globe K-mmunity Record, Dance, Chant and Idol Studios that sported backdrops just like in EXO music videos.

For the Ultimate Stan Search, Globe picked the best EXO stans from video entries sent by Pinoy fans. Seven winners had a VIP experience and won VIP tickets, studio tour, and exclusive loot bags.

Thank you, Philippines
Pinoy EXO-Ls, with their “eribong” (lightstick), chanted, cheered and shouted to show their love and support for EXO. One fan was also seen wearing a wedding gown to the concert.

“I was able to realize once again that singing along with you and talking to you was so much fun. Thank you for loving us this much and when I heard that we had one more day, I was so happy. I will not just come back to perform but also to have vacation. I’ll come to dive,” Chanyeol said.

Kai noted that “I think we could have had three days. Personally I like the Philippines. I think I’m falling in love more with the Philippines. I love you all Filipino fans.”

The Globe K-mmunity Dance Studio in the Mall of Asia Arena

The Globe K-mmunity Dance Studio in the Mall of Asia Arena

“These two days were so fun. You guys had so much fun. I also had fun. The Philippines really makes me wanna do concerts in hundreds and thousands of times. You guys are so awesome. With this passion we received from you guys, we’ll prepare our next album with love. Mahal kita,” he said on the second day.

“I was happy because watching you guys happy with our performances today. I hope you guys keep these memories forever. I love you, Philippines. Originally, we’re supposed to have only one day but thanks to you guys, we’re able to do two days. I want to thank our EXO-L fans for filling this arena for two days. We’ll come back with wearing new sounds of EXO. Thank you, Manila,” said Chen.

According to Sehun, “Watching you guys having fun, it was really nice to see that. I believe that this comfortable atmosphere is what really means to have a concert. Because of your wild energy it was also really hard for us. You see we’re not in the right state of mind right now (because of the antics of other EXO members). This is the country that if we have the chance, we’ll always come back to. Walang uuwi.”

Chanyeol said that it was in Manila that he felt very excited to perform because of the fans’ reactions.

“Usually it’s really hard for me to be this hype. But tonight my tension went up so high I almost lost my mind. I also had fun. It was really fun for me. I’ll come back soon. If we can’t come as EXO, I’ll try to come alone. I really love mangoes. Thank you so much guys for gifting me with really happy memories. Mahal kita,” he said.

Baekhyun said “I feel so happy because I feel like I’m going back with precious memories made with you all. There are a few days left so we’ll come back with new songs. Please wait for us until then. Mahal kita.”

“We had a great time tonight because of you, Filipino EXO-Ls. Mahal kita. Mahal kita, Manila. I remember this because I know EXO-Ls sent to me that ‘Mahal kita, Suho.’ It was a great time for two days in Manila. It’s all because of you, Manila. EXO will always be in your heart. Remember. This will not be our last moment together. We’ll be back soon with a new album and new concert. Manila, Philippines, mahal kita,” Suho said.

“EXO PLANET #5: EXplOration” in Manila was presented by Pulp Live World, SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entertainment, and powered by Globe.

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