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HOLLYWOOD BULLETIN: Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Our ‘Nowhere Boy’ grows up

‘The beauty in making ‘A Million Little Pieces’ was that we wanted to fully commit to every part of the process.’



Los Angeles – The life of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the former star of John Lennon’s 2009 biopic “Nowhere Boy,” can be a movie itself.

Just 18 years old when he made it, he had a relationship with his former director Sam Taylor-Wood, 42, and now they are married with two daughters, Wylda Rae, 9, and Romy Hero, 7, and he is also the stepfather to two daughters from his wife’s previous marriage.

Today, Aaron is 29 and working closely again with his wife of seven years on a passion project that they are doing, their first collaboration since “Nowhere Boy.” Both collaborated on the screenplay and produced the movie “A Million Little Pieces,” based on the controversial memoir-turned-fiction book of James Frey. His wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson, directs while he portrays Frey as he goes into a drug rehab clinic.

In an interview, we commented that he has been doing so much recently. Was that something he had anticipated?

“Yeah,” he replied. “The beauty in making this film was that we wanted to fully commit to every part of the process, and the writing process took 18 months, close to two years. And in that time, I didn’t take any jobs on and neither did she, so we could work fully committed on the script.”

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Photo courtesy of Janet Susan R. Nepales/HFPA)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Photo courtesy of Janet Susan R. Nepales/HFPA)

He explained why it was a passion project for both of them and how they manage juggling their busy work schedules with taking care of the kids.

“We usually have the balance on one on, one off,” he said. “And in that time, Sam goes to work, and we all travel wherever that is, and I’ll be with the kids, hands on with the kids. And now they are a little bit older, eight years later, after we did ‘Nowhere Boy’ and we were able to leave the kids at home. My parents came and looked after them and then we went off to work. We shot it in 20 days, so it feels like we couldn’t have gone on any longer, because our kids were desperate for mommy and daddy to come back home.”

What did he learn from his road trip with James Frey and did James ever talk to him about the controversy of his book, why he passed it first as a memoir and then admitted he fabricated it?

“I talked to James about that,” Aaron disclosed. “He just very beautifully said like I wrote it as a piece of art, and he’s a great writer, he’s a great author of many other books. It was a piece of art and at the time, his publisher said how much of this was true, if you say 75 percent of it is, then you can sell it as a memoir, if about 85 percent of it, that’s great. So it was that time that he got pulled into that, changed names and then certain things. But did he tell me the specifics? Yeah and they are just the one liner at the end of the book, this, this and this. Everything else were fundamentally real.”

As for working with Sam again, Aaron talked more about her.

“It’s hard because when you do your first, the beauty of what Sam brought to ‘Nowhere Boy’ was actually prior to that, she was an artist and it was her work, it was nobody telling her that that’s not going to work, that’s not possible, don’t want to see that,” he disclosed. “She had her own confidence and her own voice and she didn’t have to make compromises. So what I’ve seen is that she is almost drilled in for people management along the years, because to be a director, you have got to stay patient and confident and believe in your own voice and your vision. When you constantly got maybe a studio and other producers and people are saying no that’s not going to work, we don’t want to see this and that. And that was the hard thing to see, which is what informed this one. So, this was a real joy to see Sam just be able to be that artist again and speak her own voice and allow her to just do what she does beautifully and, naturally.”

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