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Wonho leaves Monsta X



Wonho has decided to leave K-pop boy band Monsta X due to controversy allegedly about not paying his debt and his share of the rent.

Monsta X’s Wonho in Manila last September (Jonathan Hicap / MANILA BULLETIN)

Monsta X’s Wonho in Manila last September
(Jonathan Hicap / MANILA BULLETIN)

“After a long discussion with MONSTA X’s member Wonho, we have agreed that it’s best to part ways amicably at this point. We greatly respect Wonho’s decision who wants to make sure the recent chain of events doesn’t distract from all of the exciting things that are happening for MONSTA X now and what lies ahead in the future,” announced Starship Entertainment, the group’s agency on Oct. 31.

It added that “Wonho will not attend any schedule from today and MONSTA X will continue with this week’s scheduled music broadcast as a six-member band.” Monsta X made their comeback on Oct. 28 with the album “Follow: Find You.”

Wonho’s departure stemmed from an Instagram post of reality show contestant Jung Da Eun who wrote, “ “Hoseok, when will you pay me back?,” using Wonho’s real name, according to MyDaily and V Live Today.

Wonho and Jaung Da Eun participated on the reality show ”Ulzzang Generation,” according to MyDaily and V Live Today.

Jung Da Eun told Wonho’s lawyer that the idol paid her 2 million won (about P86,000) but that is not enough.

“We once lived together in Yeoksam Ward and agreed to split the rent in half. But Lee Ho Seok (Monsta X Wonho) didn’t pay his sum, so my deposit of 10 million won [about P433,000) was all taken,” she claimed.

She further claimed that Wonho “stole my things then secretly sold them to secondhand stores. He even borrowed my money frequently. Sometimes it was 300,000 won, sometimes 500,000 won. He borrowed my money so many times that I couldn’t remember them all. He promised that he would pay me but in 2016, he made an excuse that the company did not finalize so he would pay at the end of that year. He said he would pay 1 million won every day but then he only paid a total of 2 million won for 2 days.”

Wonho announced his departure from Monsta X on the group’s fan cafe, writing, “I am also extremely ashamed for causing concern and bother to many people due to my personal issues,” according to OSEN.

“While working as a member of Monsta X, I’ve received overwhelming blessing and love. Sincerely thank everyone so much for giving me these precious memories. I’m also very grateful to the members who have worked hard with me, and would like to say that I love them so much for being with me. I’m really sorry,” Wonho said.

He said that “although there was a childish time in my life when I was immature and made big and small mistakes, ever since I became a trainee and made a debut, I have always focused on working and tried my best so as not to be ashamed of myself.”

“​I’d like to announce that as of today, I’ll not (be) a part of Monsta X. I’m sorry for making the members suffer damage by unpleasant incidents related to me. On top of that, I really feel uneasy when underwhelming fans who always believe me. I have decided to leave the group because I could not continue to witness myself causing many people to suffer like that,” he said.

Wonho added “once again, I would like to bow my head to the fans who have always supported and trusted me as well as my group members. Hopefully, you guys will become a source of strength for Monsta X. The other members are completely unrelated to my incident. Therefore, I sincerely hope that everyone will continue to support and encourage them.”

“The group’s members are really great and don’t deserve to delay working and suffer injuries because of someone like me. Lastly, I would like to send my sincere thanks as well as deep apologies to the fans, the staff, and the members who have helped me experience happiness so far,” he ended the message.

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