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HOLLYWOOD BULLETIN: Kristen Stewart on impressive ‘Charlie’s Angels’ opening scene



Los Angeles –If Kirsten Stewart were a movie, this would be her reboot.

After seeing her as Bella Swan in the hit “The Twilight Saga” film series from 2008-2012, which grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide, the new Kristen Stewart kicks ass, sports a short punky hair and wears edgy clothes.

Kristen Stewart (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

Kristen Stewart (Photo courtesy of Janet R. Nepales/HFPA)

She is also now part of the new generation of Angels of the Elizabeth Banks-helmed “Charlie’s Angels”, an action comedy which is also the third installment in the “Charlie’s Angels” film series. Kristen plays Sabina Wilson, Naomi Scott is Elena Houghlin, model-turned-actress Ella Balinska is Jane Kano and Banks is Susan Bosley.

In an interview, we told Kristen that we enjoyed the physicality of her role which is something she has never done before and that we especially enjoyed her acrobatic or gymnastic stunts she did in the opening scene.

Kristen explained, “My character is very impulsive, she’s not a trained fighter, she’s just scrappy. And so when Liz (Banks) was like, well we have to put some ornate move at the beginning of the movie that’s going to surprise people, we also surprise that person who is having dinner with you and also doesn’t expect that. There’s a beauty to the movement, there’s a languid, surprising undetectable move that suddenly has wrapped you up like a spider. So, I was intimidated by that, because everything else in the movie, Sabina is not playing a part.

“In the first scene, she’s functioning within the expectations of what a woman is. She’s using it against this person who she knows only views women in a certain way. So, I had to play this ridiculous part in the beginning of the movie like wait a second, is that really how she’s going to be the whole movie? Wait a second, like no. So for the rest of the movie, I was just really present, and I’ve never been in a fight in my life and I would not want to be. I’ve never hit anyone in my whole life. But if someone came at me, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to handle myself, that’s Sabina’s whole thing, is that she repurposes strange items that might be around, rather than Ella’s character who plays Jane, she’s a very measured and methodical trained fighter. The first scene was the only one that wasn’t in my wheelhouse, she was acting. It was harder than the rest of them. But she pulled the old bait and switch. Without that, the movie really wouldn’t have worked.”

As for her dancing skills in the movie, did she love doing that or was that just for her character?

The Charlie's Angels

The Charlie’s Angels


“I’ve grown to really loving to dance and that’s something that you are allowed to love as you get older, for myself, like when I was younger, I couldn’t fathom it,” she revealed. “We actually had a big huge set piece that we were going to shoot at a location that was very expensive and we had a lot of time to do it and we choreographed a big huge fight scene that everyone was in and it was like huge thing. Then all of a sudden, they cut our budget and they cut our days and we weren’t allowed to do it and we had to rethink our whole story. So, Liz (Banks) was like alright, she went home and was freaking out and had to come to terms with the fact that she had to kill a darling and think of, have a new baby. Her new baby was you guys are going to do a choreographed dance scene to the original song. And I was like, what? We had to learn it in one day. A choreographer came, and while we were shooting, so in-between sets and at lunch and before and after work, Ella (Balinska) and I were in this dance studio trying to learn this thing. At first, I was like are you kidding me, it’s hard and impossible and we don’t have time and it’s going to look stupid and this is embarrassing. It ended up being the most fun I had on the movie.”

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