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FASHION PULIS: Disappointed damsel



During the premiere screening of a movie, the cast and production crew were happy to see celebrities coming from major management offices in attendance. Even Versatile Actress (VA) from a rival network was seen making pleasantries with the Lead Performer (LP) and other guests. As VA is among the few talents who can do a cross-over between networks, her presence was such a delight for LP. VA seemed to be in high spirits as well.

As soon as the movie was over, the staff set out the camera and The Interviewer (TI) to get the reaction of the audience. As expected, VA was seen leaving the cinema. The camera was on and so TI asked VA for any words about the movie. VA said that she would appreciate it if she were left alone. However, TI was insistent, oblivious to the seeming bad mood of VA.

As TI was persistent and VA apparently could not escape, she started saying her piece. The camera was rolling when VA allegedly said the movie was a waste of time and she regretted having to brave the two-hour traffic just to be there. Further, the movie seemed to be so amateurish and she wondered why the production even bothered to spend resources on such poor material.

TI was shocked at how VA responded. Earlier, VA was in a happy and supportive mood, and in a span of a few hours, she became irritable. The reaction was unbelievable knowing that VA and the cast members were close. Thus, an investigation was done on why VA’s mood changed.

Well, an incident happened when VA entered the theater. The organizers invited her, but did not get a confirmation. Thus, she did not have reserved seat along with the other celebrities.

She and her companion were made to sit with the regular folks. This did not sit well with VA and she actually wanted to leave immediately. However, her companion wanted to stay and soon, they were enjoying the movie.
VA had no choice but to stay and watch until the movie ended.

“Well, I’m not sure I know what you mean by a prima donna, but if something doesn’t interest me or if someone bores me, or if I think they’re a phony, I just don’t bother with them, that’s all.” —Bobby Fischer

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