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Tiffany Young on her music, maturing into a woman

Talks about Girls’ Generation, being a big fan of Lea Salonga



Since going for solo career in 2017, Korean-American singer Tiffany Young has shown maturity both in life and her music.

Last Jan. 25, Tiffany held her first solo show in the Philippines, “Open Hearts Eve” Part Two in Manila, at the New Frontier Theater. It was her third time to visit the country, the last was in April 2015 for a performance as a member of Girls’ Generation in a concert at the Philippine Arena.

Tiffany Young at her press conference in Manila

Tiffany Young at her press conference in Manila

While she didn’t have the luxury of time to explore Manila, Tiffany said her Pinoy fans would always update her on what’s happening in the country.

“But my fans are sweet enough to always put in all the new (happenings) like (the) snacks here in the Philippines and things like that. I get to experience. and know a little more about this beautiful place every time I come here so thank you,” Tiffany told the media at a press conference for her show.

What she also loves about the Philippines is the weather, saying, “I’m a Cali girl at heart, I’m a Leo. I was Born in August so I live for this weather. It’s beautiful and it just makes me wanna, like, dress up. I live for this weather.”

At the show, Tiffany performed “Run For Your Life,” “Over My Skin,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Wrecking Ball,” “Yellow Light,” “Independent Women,” “Teach You,” “I Just Wanna Dance,” “Invincible,” “Invitation,” “Run Devil Run,” “Runaway,” “City Of Stars,” “The Flower,” “Lips On Lips,” “In My Blood,” “Born Again,” “Magnetic Moon,” “Into The New World,” and “Remember Me.”

At the press conference, Tiffany talked about maturing into a woman, Girls’ Generation, her music, and being a big fan of Tony award winner Lea Salonga.

She made her debut in Girls’ Generation in 2007 and 10 years later, she opted to focus on her solo career in 2017 and went back to Los Angeles. She released her first single “Over My Skin” under a new label in 2018. Last year, she released her mini-album “Lips On Lips,” which included the tracks “Born Again,” “Lips On Lips,” and “Runaway,” and the singles “Magnetic Moon” and “Run For Your Life.”

Tiffany performing in a full show in Manila for the first time

Tiffany performing in a full show in Manila for the first time

Tiffany said that in the last five years, she has changed.

“I think the biggest change would definitely be that I’m a woman now. I have taken the time to take responsibility. Take responsibilities fully and be accountable. Grown-up. The glow of being an adult whether that’s like taking care of my mind, body, and soul,” she said.

She added, “Going to therapy, eating the right food, sleeping at the right time, making sure that I’m ready to be in the studio willingly and ready. Becoming like a full-on responsible woman is the biggest change. I think, for me, is about trying everything and having good intentions. I really realized like it’s not about being afraid to make mistakes and just really, really going for the things you desire and your heart wants.”

While she’s decided to go back to Los Angeles, she found herself going back to South Korea often.

“What’s interesting is that I got to move back for the first year and a half to LA full time but I have been going to Korea like every eight weeks. I feel like I’m happy to represent Cheongdam (in Seoul) and West Hollywood (in Los Angeles). I feel those two cities are home. I can’t live one without the other. It feels like the Korean-American in me. I guess I embrace both sides of those beautiful cities,” she said.

Tiffany is focusing on her solo career at the moment but she’s always in touch with members of Girls’ Generation.

“We’re family. So we are always talking to one another, if not, to a specific member because each member can kinda really give the right advice about different topics. But also like sometimes we spent… I see Sooyoung a lot more because we’re crossing a lot more paths. Other bandmates are seeing each other. Everybody’s still busy. And we’re just happy for one another,” she said.

As to whether there will be another collaboration with other members of Girls’ Generation or not, she said, “Everybody’s so busy but we are always open in all ports so who knows?”

She also revealed being a big fan of Lea, who rose to world stardom and eventually won the Laurence Olivier Award and Tony Award when she essayed the role of Kim in the West End and Broadway productions of “Miss Saigon” in 1989 and 1991, respectively.

“I’m a big fan of Lea Salonga, period. My gosh. Lea Salonga, she’s such a queen, such a diva, the original Disney princess, not only Mulan but Princess Jasmine. I’ve watched all her Broadway productions from ‘Les Mis’ to ‘Miss Saigon’ and you know, and what’s she doing now, she’s such an inspiration helping young children find their voices as well.”

She added, “Lea, I love you, and I think you’ve been such an inspiration (not only for) Asian women, Asian-American women and just Asians in entertainment in general. I love you. I aspire to be a Disney princess just like you.”

Tiffany is also a big fan of Korean films, saying, “I just love watching Korean films growing up. Obviously, one of my recent favorites, the ‘Parasite.’ It’s just a moment for Asian representation in general in America. But In terms of K-dramas, I’ve always kept up with my fam. So I’m really looking forward to, I guess, first Sooyoung. Sooyoung’s new drama is starting on Feb. 1,” referring to Sooyoung’s upcoming drama “Tell Me What You Saw.”

Asked to name K-pop artists and songs that she’s listening to right now, she said, “K-pop is in me. I’m always watching. Most recently I was a part of Zico’s ‘Any Song’ challenge. Zico’s new song is amazing. And obviously, Taeyeon’s new album. I’m so happy about her new album. I also really love ITZy’s ‘Dalla Dalla’ and ‘Icy.’ I love the dance version. I just love the energy they give.”

Tiffany said her three favorite songs from among those she released are “Run For Your Life,” “Magnetic Moon,” and “Born Again,” explaining that “it was a time for me where I wanted to come in full emotion. Be okay with not being okay sometimes. Because it’s just an important message to share.”

She said the best moment for her in 2019 “would definitely be touring. All the tours. I’ve just found so much joy in this addiction of wanting to see my fans every single night. It’s been wonderful. The iHeartRadio award (Best Solo Breakout) was also fan voted. I was so happy to connect and communicate and just see one another every night. It was such an amazing year and I hope to have just the same this year.”

Tiffany said, “2019 was all about being fearless but 2020 is about being brave. Not giving up and just continuously going after what you love.”

Asked if there is a new album in the works, she said, “It’s too early to say right now. I’m always in the studio. I really want the creativity in music to lead the way.”

Tiffany Young’s “Open Hearts Eve” Part Two in Manila was presented by Transparent Arts and promoted by CDM Entertainment.

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