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Author Archive: Mike Lim

Touchy Subject (Illustrations by Rod Canalita/ Manila Bulletin) /mb,com.ph

Touchy subject

If Seasoned Talent (ST) does not control his urges, he might find himself in the freezer once his project with a network ends. While there…

'Stat Ir Ship Out' (Illustrations by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph

Stay or ship out?

These days, Prized Performer (PP) is being talked about in whispers as a major decision is about to be made in a few weeks. Although…

(Illustration by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph

Tense Exit

Just when the public thought everything was fine according to their public relations team, the professionalism of Seasoned Talent (ST) was tested unexpectedly. Unfortunately, ST…

Secret Encounter (Illustrations by Rod Cañalita) /mb.com.ph

Secret encounter

The staff of a show is wondering about the alleged relationship developing between Network Talent 1 (NT1) and Network Talent 2 (NT2). One time, as…

(Illustrations by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph

Thumbed-down application

The Self-made Personality (SP) started his career with no connections in the entertainment industry. The road was not easy for him. As soon as soon…

(Illustration by Rod Cañalita/Manila Bulletin) /mb.com.ph

Change the channel!

Proud Actor (PA) probably thought that moving on was easy. When the public learned of his decision to change management, PA was met with quizzical…